Facebook shelves “burn after reading” Poke message application

May 10,


Facebook this week has been applied to apple’s App Store Store lower frame imitate Snapchat Poke “burn after reading” application.

for Facebook, Poke seems to be a joke. This app has not received after the online users widely accepted, so the personage inside course of study thinks, Facebook should have been withdrawn from the application. At present, users have been unable to search in the App Store to Facebook this App.

Facebook also pulled from the shelves Camera photo upload applications. A Facebook spokesman confirmed that move, but did not make further comment.

Snapchat has increasingly become an important rival Facebook. Facebook was originally trying to developed by several genius engineer Poke against Snapchat, but did not succeed. In December 2012 at the beginning of the launch, Poke function is stronger than Snapchat, but due to various reasons, the application failed to get customers.

relative to Snapchat, Facebook is considered a lack of privacy, and Snapchat “burn after reading” message application market also have first mover advantage. In addition, Facebook development Poke spent only 12 days time, obviously this app is not Facebook’s priority.

on the other hand, Camera is the application of a well received, help users to upload to Facebook photos at a time. Before the Camera roll out, the user can select single photo from smartphones to upload. Camera photo selection tool, however, eventually be integrated to iOS and Android version of Facebook main applications, Facebook launched in the summer of 2012 and became a basic part of the native iPhone applications.

Facebook’s Creative Labs department is currently developing many independent application, so Facebook may want to turn piece in the past. The first application of Creative Labs Paper products set a high standard for the future. (d)

source: sina science and technology