Facebook took star, push the new iOS application Mentions

according to foreign media reports, Facebook has launched with stars and public figures as the target user Mentions new iOS application. Shortly after just published Paper and Slingshot two mobile phone software, means that the social networking site of unveiling the new application more and more attention to mobile.

Mentions from Facebook company innovation laboratory, purpose is to help the actors, athletes, musicians and other influential people to contribute, to participate in this platform. Although on the surface, Mentions like Facebook applications, dynamic news vertically in a list of ways, the navigation bar at the bottom, but carefully used to be found, for the iPhone to build the app more delicate.

“dynamic News” (News Feed) respectively in the “attention” and “hot” under two categories. Facebook said, this is for the convenience of travel celebrity “her comments”. Mentions the “hot” classification and desktop versions of “dynamic news” on the right side of the panel almost exactly the same. This may be because Facebook hope active users can comment or share on the content of the former position and may also be hope this kind of user can create worth sharing content.

the application provides a key released photographs, video, and the function of status updates. The user can also look at others through the one-click operation data, and a new plate in Mentions. Facebook said it would convenient stars refer to fans of their discussion, and join them.

can be found from the screenshot, Mentions will highlight those posts and the comments with star names, more convenient celebrities to interact with fans.

Mentions the present in the United States only certified celebrity users. Facebook said the company in the next few months will launch this app in more countries, and expand the relevant certification. In short, if it is not very famous or certified, you use this app in the near future not much of a chance. Netease science and technology (than)