Facebook will set up a “mobile advertising alliance”

according to, Facebook, or face book (Facebook) will be held at the end of the month the F8 conference, announced the formation of “Facebook mobile advertising alliance”. For many publishers and developers, the good thing is that they are the stars to the moon.

for the news, Facebook did not respond. We don’t know this alliance project specific forms of cooperation. However, from the source of words and phrases, Facebook’s advertising alliance and basically we are familiar with Google and baidu advertising alliance is similar.

Facebook mobile advertising alliance will become a bridge of communication and application developers, advertisers website owners. For advertisers, to join Facebook mobile advertising alliance, can provide it with other partner sites, including Facebook, “the exhibition space”, and based on user of Facebook’s grand social data accurately targeted advertising. For developers and web site owners, they besides can get advertising into (not clear into form), you can also enjoy from Facebook highly automated ads delivery service and data analysis.

Facebook union mobile advertising at this time is right. It is understood that from the mobile advertising revenue has accounted for Facebook2013 half of total revenue in the first quarter, to $1.24 billion. Among them, the “application recommended installation” type of mobile advertising accounted for 50%. Interestingly, last week, Twitter has just launched a “application recommended installation” advertising.

if the above information accurately, Facebook and Google the two giants, will be put on a new round of advertising for the war.