[fact] millet suspected host game market!

(/horse relief yi wen)

, millet is working with the United States recently open source host game system development Ouya with equipment manufacturers to discuss cooperation matters. If the successful cooperation, the Ouya platform of nearly 1000 TV host game is expected to be introduced in millet and millet boxes and other products.

Ouya is launched in 2013 games consoles, using a custom version of the Android system, is the first to open platform game. Product project in 2012, founded by senior professionals Julie Uhrman game, and invited the designer Yves Behar cooperation design projects and product manager Muffi Ghadiali together form a work team. Ouya within a month of time, through Kickstarter raised $7 million, the final total for $6474 in 8.59 million to develop, once as the site have always longed for was the second fund-raising project. Development kits have been ship on the end of December 2012 to game developers. Ouya not only made his $99 game consoles, building hardware and software are also committed to the integration of open source host game ecosystem. Currently the platform has brought together more than 40000 developers, a total has more than 900 games.

millet can cooperate with Ouya obviously if successful, it will be a huge wealth. Especially for the domestic smart TVS and set-top boxes, facing the huge pressure of competition, and policy risk. Select move into TV game (the host), is “find another way out”. And in view of the smart TV has been the industry think is the future of home entertainment center, will integrate the traditional variety entertainment programs and games, also seems to be a wise choice.

so far, millet company also did not make any response to the report.

shortly after, the Xbox officially went on sale in China, this to kill the game host for the domestic market for many years, is a blue ocean market of unlimited potential. Host game, however, is a need to strong technology and the construction of ecological industry, and not want to do any new entrants will be able to do. Go the way of joint may be a development direction. Just, Ouya currently on the market sales situation is not optimistic. Ouya want to do “Android game consoles industry” idea, now is difficult to shake the Xbox and PS duopoly status (of course, should be in heaven yet).

phone makers of transboundary fad host games at home is not for the first time. Previously, zte and the9 jointly launched a game console. But now it seems the device a little the meaning of “much cry and little wool”. Actually found China andie Ouya can conveniently sell more video games? Millet is whether can with host game market, in the chaos of smart TV industry stand out in a crowd? Let’s wait and see!