Fast broadcast began: I know. Wang xin will be

/began, micro signal: jorin raccoon dog right

jorin raccoon dog right now (Ying,) day (Jing) the 818 fast sowing. Wang xin will be

the first time know, wang xin is jorin uncle also in play games, when many c network game to game, want to invite enough people to do the originator, find Zhou Hongyi, Zhou Hongyi said they don’t play games, don’t do the game, but he had voted for a client company is trying to make the game operation, also in shenzhen, the company is fast, so uncle jorin so fast to knock on the door, thus know. Wang xin will be After a chat just know, 80 is also the people of hunan, wang xin will be a xiang, with intelligence, like fishing, a young little look.

after jorin uncle write book billion dollars worth of lessons, middle big box this case involved, just chat for the first time, wang xin will be before he worked in a big box, so meet to discuss this case about jorin uncle wang xin is in oct jinxiu garden indoor soccer field meet, the day he took his quick play football team to play with people, half down kicked a heap of jersey sneakers, wang xin will be pulled up chairs, two at the edge of the pitch and jorin uncle chat, shouts of the players and football under the flying boom, that day about sex wang xin is very thick, but uncle jorin condition is bad, perhaps because rarely do the cause of the interview in this situation, more important is no conclusions made no move to shanda wang xin is box jorin uncle: don’t think a big box, wang xin is because they don’t have a good product manager, did not do a good job.

actually just spent a year in the grand, wang xin will be before he wanted to talk to a grand investment of P2P products, but when a grand listing, is sensitive to the copyright owner, then become a man and purchase of the product. In zhou’s view, is the best of the grand department wang xin is a product manager, zhou said more than once to the Chen brothers similar words, therefore Chen also sent from Zhu Hai shenzhen special of wang xin will be. Represent the present booming KK is also with the leadership of the grand old wang xin is Tan Junzhao angel project, the project grand also soon went into, the current valuation has to $200 million, another fast.

the most wang xin will be starting a business, also looked for IDG, IDG had just voted in the storm video, video with Mr. CAI and Feng Xin storm, is a company with more of the company, the market share in the market is higher than fast, therefore, IDG give advice is to let the storm is contributive to buy off fast, ha is a similar story a few years later, IDG music to amuse also recommends 91 closed off today. Xin-gang wang from shanda, don’t want to work with people, so there is no promise, wait to Zhou Hongyi after.

how about zhou made faster versions of many, one version is zhou’s second child was born in Hong Kong, so give some time living in shenzhen with his wife, more boring in shenzhen huaqiang north, asked the computer more than what the client, ask a fast, then sent someone to find; wang xin will be Another version is that zhou and Hu Huan was living Lin Jiaxi apartment in futian port for the delivery, zhou spare nothing to ask Lin Jiaxi, any good project, shenzhen Lin Jiaxi recommended fast, most Lin Jiaxi when there are five points of fast shares, then… . Ha ha, this is a classic jokes, not eight, eight will be disastrous.

meanwhile, li qing found almost at the same time, wang xin will be the same 2 million yuan, with the same price and zhou investment for quick information. Once li qing’s cast is because see when wang xin will be faster than 1 client users, relatively speaking, tencent has li qing or academic some more. Zhou and had Li Qingjin fast sowing, fast information quickly to make money, don’t need money. So fast after seeding in addition to softbank offered than money almost no new investors to come in, thanks to new investors, therefore, once zhou and li qing were quickly on the board.

the board of directors has ever li qing or Zhou Hongyi should be a good thing, but the same board in both li and Zhou Hongyi what is not necessarily a good thing, but is beefing up wang xin will be the two bosses to do a station, the two eldest brother also very help, wang xin will be once Zhou Hongyi to shenzhen please meal, dinner Zhou Hongyi call said wang xin is going to meet Mr Li, let arrange person to send him a quick wang xin is sowing box; Once Li Qingze help from wang xin is tencent tencent, please Zhu Daxin founding staff to quickly when the CEO. This is largely because has on human behavior, wang xin is DE – what is the integrity of the campus activities, fast forward always ACTS as a main force, which is very exquisite scene feeling once li qing is very useful, but in front of Zhou Hongyi, will make your product manager wang xin is the temperament show there is no doubt that this is the product manager for Zhou Hongyi temper.

do like wang xin will be communicate with product manager. In the spring of 2013, off an jian wang want to move the company from Beijing to shenzhen, uncle jorin in li qing capital, multiplying the somebody else gave a banquet, ceng VIP card, wang xin will be delighted, wang xin will be is in the table, answer the first time a year ago, wang xin will be Zhu Daxin lightning went away, and the fast on how to adjust the 400 people from 700 to start the journey. For jorin deke is a feeling, through this period of time, on the management of state wang xin will be different.

business comprehensive transformation, published on April 18th April 22 to the office space of recruitment by the police, the Internet in China 20 years anniversary on April 20, 2014 after the two days, fast information become the static network in the action of a half-year of target company, attracts the most attention as a fast sowing CEO also is in the forefront, wang xin is the industry of integrity issues to a more than four years and did not enjoy the dividend young companies, is really let a person speechless coagulation choke.

due to the illegal content is not in the quick information on the server, and quick information without using these illegal content directly used for profit, therefore, the affair in fast sowing in law there is no big problem. And fast information itself is a huge profit every year, fast before sowing continues to continue to have input in the field of intelligent hardware such as TV box, has accumulated rich, it’s not difficult to turn.

fast or the employee’s departure from sowing to face, although with fast sowing in science and technology park, lei feng network and super fun talents are in urgent need of technology and products (recommended) genuflect is begged, but we still hope, sowing brothers and sisters can stay together through the current situation. Jorin right raccoon dog trying to say is: do not experience wind and rain, how see rainbow. Think that year to help the closure of a play games still turn dacheng meng huang’s story, no one can guarantee will not become another huang meng, wang xin is the which followed a meng huang to stay is not a BMW mercedes-benz.

tonight, actually we are sowing.