Fast button, turn head a see, industry immersed down they choose to turn around

smart button it has in the past, I pull up this topic now, is not going to fill the saliva. But from a recent conference.

see fast button impression has twice at the meeting. First roll call time of 10 x10, quick button li gang left after the meeting to all attendees a quick button. The second is technology summit, netease future button booth fast, fast, at the end of the attractive woman give a flyer, just can’t face, went to the corner booth.

this is actually more harvest, itself, the author has experienced 360 wisdom key, and the fast button before. To be honest, with a can, but when I remove it, there is no passion to mount it again. Not I can go to black, because of the use of personal feelings. Have a surprise, but not stunning, so can’t continue, eventually replaced by headphones.

if it is pure fun, to write this article, there is no value. I know at the meeting. Other products when was to make no noise, fast button in agitation, deep in them. Rare imagine 360 strategic cooperation the fast button team, 360 intellectual key solutions from the fast button applied at present. What is more, netease science and technology fast button booth at the meeting turned out to be 360 of key person in charge to the user.

why is 360, independent fast button?

by chatting with the person in charge of the market, he told me that before 360 in already and the fast button team had strategic cooperation. The team also building office in 360. But the recent may move out. Platform is strategic cooperation with each other, but the fast button always maintain independent operation. The 360 key and the fast button or two new products. But their market strategy adjustment. 360 wisdom key remains the same, for the mass. Button to select turn around quickly, enterprise and government customers. Don’t be exempted from gifts customized way.

how to get gifts customized 2 b, is to do the key trigger custom according to customer requirements. For example, mobile phone manufacturer’s own app store, you can click on a trigger mechanism is fixed to the fast button. Only click twice or three times mechanism can choose to open the other products. There are local operators to bind a key function in the fast button for help on the custom of gifts custom.

wisdom key, gimmicks and practical, who can beat who?

no matter how fancy, want to return to products. Pressy foreign products, domestic fast button, wisdom keys, 360 m key. Blown out by the media is another smart hardware flow entrance. Tide, you just know, now 360 wisdom key, the m key, more is for defence. You look and sound now? Calm down, will you be able to see who’s been swimming naked.

to remove large companies, it is the author’s own is favorable for fast button. They are deep in the field of button. Do open customization model based on hardware. And each product docking, realize fast seamless open shortcut button function. For example, the fast button can only be opened do before a primary application behavior, future applications can open button behavior in more depth. But for now, the enthusiasm of the user and the product of the change in speed, the latter must finish before the former. Time window and XinXianQi is very important. Let it immediately replace the headphones, or no more sufficient reason.

fast button

company: Shanghai ZhiPiao technology development co., LTD.


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