Fast sowing SINS: refers to the three kind of gimmick piracy, film and television station will be havoc

the author: jian-ping lei

are called “otaku artifact” fast after sowing ride out a number of spring and autumn period, but in April 2014 was involved in a disaster.

in fast active close QVOD server, clean up the vulgar and pirated content less than a week, a large number of police officers entered the fast survey by shenzhen headquarters, was quick on employees. More rumors, fast sowing CTO, vice President of operations and two technology was taken.

fast sowing CEO go abroad before the incident, wang xin will be insiders explanation is routine, the first time wang xin is also use WeChat response tencent technology said: “all right, you don’t have to worry about.” But periphery are more understanding to avoid the passive situation of China.

this is a quick suffered such a big storm was established for the first time in seven years. In fast sowing investigation after a few days, to tencent technology, said wang xin is not convenient, the body uncomfortable. From the tone of wang xin is, tencent technology can feel the mood of wang xin will be low.

fast sowing it is ongoing part of the country’s “net” action. In fast soon by the police investigation, sina suspected of spreading obscenity, checked the Internet publishing license will be revoked and the information network dissemination audio-visual program license, engaged in the Internet publishing and network transmission audio-visual programs to stop, more let a person feel a police investigation on incident severity faster.

roof leak when the rain overnight. The original shanda’s film copyright agency shengshi sun conference was held in Beijing in a few days ago, new media companies suspected of stealing replayed the label shengshi sun zhao the orphan “and so on hundreds of exclusive rights of films and television, film and television works, claims hundreds of millions of dollars.

fast sowing is refers to the long term through streaming video-on-demand platform technology (server software and replayed by fast client player software in two parts) support to induce and encourage web users to implement the infringement behavior, the right of communication information through network has always been the “original sin”.

refers to the three kinds of way to encourage piracy

long fast sowing is refers to the relationship with the “porn” and “piracy has couldn’t say for sure, the relevant person in charge of activist group in prosperous time, fast sowing three SINS to piracy:

a jump, by entering the 726. com site, 726. com site there are a lot of icon, you can jump to different third party sites. Embodied in the search results for screening the content, and there are a large number of ads fast, each with 726. com navigation section. Shared database, 726. com and third party sites each film and television content also required by fast players to play.

the second is fast by using streaming, is composed of server and client, guide the user from the server to download, upload video content, in the process of film and television buffer can advertisements, websites have made a lot of on-demand aptitude or individuals can be on-demand service, and induced the user from the server to download and install fast software, pirated video content.

the third one is fast information sharing private cloud services, users rely on information private cloud services can upload and share video content, classification, and can be a fine line, to a certain extent, fast suspected of deliberately spread pirated content.

if not surveyed baidu cloud has announced a few days ago, announced on inspections to share files baidu cloud scale, it is forbidden to publish pornography pictures, video, documents and other related resources, including but not limited to the AV film, content capture, pornographic novels; Discuss film streamers, and how to download, species, forum, figure; Pornographic content links, network backup link, download links, etc.

the relevant person in charge of time sun activist group, points out that prosperous time sun in July 2012 to prosecute fast, but fast silent piracy ways. Company steal replayed at the current court, quick 315 units of one hundred million yuan will have the standard tort compensation lawsuit.

player can support users to watch a variety of formats, film and television resources. Web player also allows custom advertising, webmaster can through advertising revenue, the higher the clicks, the higher the income, and the most pornographic and pirated content can through search engine users and traffic.

a webmaster has been cooperation with fast sowing to expose the fast information secret, the label information server software can provide one-stop solution to video online play, reduce the cost of server and bandwidth. Many webmasters to make more money, build a porn site or pirated content abroad.

learn fast on site tutorial, network virtual space rental, use the Internet content collector (fast sowing recommended) – acquisition fast seeding resources porn – the porn sites. “Fast information resource station” increased the site clicks, increase advertising revenue. Due to the binding fast player, a large number of ads appear in fast software. A short time, the profit of 1.5 million yuan.

webmaster GuanPeng revealed more fast and secret movie station, said that baidu video and fast information competition, baidu video using baidu to ZhongXiaoZhan long flow control and into, requirements must be fast and baidu video binding at the same time, baidu video in front. This makes fast very afflictive, curb fast growth. But baidu is listed companies, to piracy and relatively strict pornography control.

GuanPengShui, especially in 2013, youku, sohu video, video tencent video on baidu, fast broadcast after lawsuits, baidu for copyright risk, cut off baidu video P2P business actively, baidu video to transform, avoid the risk of today. Quick action is relatively slow, this deepened fast sowing in the spread of pornography and grassroots mind the impression of pirated content.

“I have a friend who make the film and television station, a short time to make a lot of money, but given the risk of copyright, cut off.” GuanPengShui, now a lot of film and television station have used foreign domain name and website, to avoid risk. The faster the whole can make the film to stand for the holocaust.

transformation “resistance and long way” to do the original ocean

now fast have announced the transformation, and there are three steps: buy the film and television class domain; Get a fast full search and entertainment all the bellwether for pirated content of the technical block; Investment of no less than 100 million to buy the copyright, not less than 30 million investment support micro drama innovation.

in the video industry, these measures is difficult to change fast passive situation. Walk the original + self-control, fast starting late, difficult transformation, youku, potatoes iQIYI, tencent has strong copyright content such as video, user base and resources support, fast after sowing block piracy and pornographic content, the content of the user cannot meet the demand, will bring the user activity and reduced viscosity.

fast on the so-called 100 million yuan to buy the copyright, not less than 30 million investment to support domestic micro innovation, more is considered to be a drop in the bucket. Such as tencent to buy China good voice in the third quarter, exclusive copyright costs 250 million yuan. In terms of network homemade plays, each big video website strength is not weak, youku potatoes will invest 300 million yuan this year, sohu homemade play cost $two hundred million.

fast have missed the best transform period. Video web site today, fast sowing want to like youku potatoes, love art, tencent video development condition don’t have the same, “since the waste sword” in baidu video, quick information why there has been no transformation?

a strange art people love to tencent technology, said the past few years, the video industry development homemade drama, copyright content, the server, bandwidth and company operating costs, three pieces of add up cost, fast information transition faced with the huge costs.

the personage points out, fast information has been adjusted is of great benefit to video genuine, purification is the video industry, the current video industry out several not too big problem, for video website to charge before too big. Fast sowing it is best to be a feature of video websites.

in fact, fast slow transition has another reason: “always make money very cool. When love in the support big buy drama in baidu, youku tudou, sohu video for temporary benefits have to forbear, piracy to quickly open the door.

to tencent technology, according to people familiar with the matter have fast transformation has been brewing, reluctant to give up is rooted in the interests of the P2P technology, baidu, after all, is a listed company, fast is startup, P2P technology in the past years of wandering in the gray area, relative, since the government did not stop the P2P technology, the fast is, of course, have been used. “The feeling of the quick money addictive”

just this one by the national “against pornography and illegal publications” working group, office of the ministry, the ministry of public security, and other government departments jointly sponsored “against pornography and illegal publications, net net 2014” special action, real fast feel nervous, you would like to take the initiative to cut piracy intended to protect themselves.

a video industry, according to people how sina influence and background of the Internet publishing license have been revoked and audio-visual programs of communication information through network license, in the maelstrom, fast fate let the person worry.

if fast to spend this disaster, a successful transition. Last round of large-scale piracy is in 2010, the national copyright administration, ministry of public security, ministry of industry and jointly launched “sword net operation”, to help the edge was facing collapse.

“said huang yimeng, founder huang meng (weibo) once pessimistic, said:” seven years of efforts and accumulation, said will shut off, say stop to stop. No one can freely, but also expect that the moment would suddenly comes early. Now can do, only to face reality, ready to courage.

country fighting piracy but let a huang meng a blessing in disguise. Huang meng to help the core team, on the basis of establishment of cardiac network a gaming platform, rapid transformation become well-known Chinese web game developers, with limitless scenery.

the transformation of thunderbolt might bring fast sowing enlightenment. The thunderbolt for listing process encountered numerous copyright affair, but now the thunderbolt and usher in a new development, successively for millet and jinshan investment, will soon be listed into silence again.

at the business level, thunder cloud acceleration technology comprehensive open to the millet, millet hardware products built-in thunderbolt’s services, such as millet and millet box TV built-in thunderbolt look, millet mobile phone content download, play has been used in thunderbolt technology. Millet router recently listed, that is, jointly developed with thunder, the film can be directly downloaded to the millet routers, these increases the thunderbolt imaginary space.

a webmaster said, quick, also have technology and user box, also doing fast sowing can also cooperate with those of other manufacturers such as can endure the pain, the big end, wang xin will be fast will have a brighter future.

source: tencent technology