Fast sowing: wang xin will be if I become a rascal, please tell others I once innocent

August, fast information technology CEO was arrested in overseas wang xin is the news that his cell phone was turned off.

in fact, from April 2014 fast since its spread the message of was found. Those reporters have been trying to contact. Wang xin will be Only answers the phone in two, wang xin will be the first time he said “in Hong Kong, I very ill”.

a second time after finish listen to those journalists and identity just hung up the phone, but he later passed the journalists micro letter circle of friends, but still no reply, perhaps he believed that to allow reporters to see his circle of friends is enough to know him.

surging news contacted his friend and colleague, and he and his friend circles of original information, trying to restore his life.

is an otaku, wang xin will be demand for its own life business, failed once known to work again, and eventually created the “otaku artifact” quick play. His efforts to create equal atmosphere in the company, such as drift when encouraging colleagues water over him.

he loved the sea fishing, but “always catch only a few small fish. In 2013 when he was in a career crisis, feelings seem to appear some problems, he was once thought that oneself can resolve the crisis, but can not…

this is not the first time, wang xin will be failure

a and Wang Xinxiang cooked the personage inside course of study says, this is not the first failure of wang xin will be.

south of shenzhen in 2000, wang xin will be his first job was working in dragon vein company when a programmer. Dragon vein company also had another industry celebrities have li qing, he went on to become one of the founders of tencent, and become the first wang xin is investors.

in 2002, his wang xin will be started a company “shenzhen stone software”. Own hobbies and wang xin will be many “otaku”, is watching TV on the computer, listening to music, he once told a friend, if he want to see a series, is a sigh of relief after watching all night.

some stone software and communication software I had done a lot of projects. Ever find, wang xin is a famous investment company to invest 3 million for him, but he didn’t realize the investment companies can bring resources in addition to investment, so has not agreed to.

point to more than 80 people, the most prosperous development was the rise of shanda has found to acquire, wang xin will be but also have no. Then the grand, some stone has collapsed in 2005.

this is the first failure of wang xin will be.

then, he went to the grand work, do a “big box”, but dropped the project.

back to start a business in shenzhen in 2006, wang xin will be this year his daughter was born, entered a new stage of life.

the location of the business, wang xin will be in one of the che “farmer room”, the monthly rent 3000, plus artificial and the server, the average monthly needs 30000 yuan investment. A year later, 500000 investment wang xin is close to running out. Due to the advertising revenue is not much, he began to look for investment, and intends to mortgage my house out really is in no time.

at this moment, quickly began to show a unique vitality, data continues to grow, popularity is rising gradually. Once and once li qing wang xin will be talked about investment, but the other think the timing was not mature, but only after 3 months of each other to see his new data, and voted in 3 million to give him.

once li qing investment after six months, the 360 and also wang xin will be to negotiate investment.

fast then began to the road of multivariate, such as began to have “fun” game platform, and the “big screen”.

from the “otaku” to the “family”, the transformation of the failure of the

on October 26, 2013, in the circle of friends wang xin will be said in a news release “today, the goddess to accompany me for the weekend, frozen chicken ah”, but the picture is a new product and the TV “fast small party”.

on October 29, he’s in the circle of friends said “quick play small party is more than a day time is faster than 150000 pre-orders, thanks for your support”. Picture is jingdong sales interface, with Numbers.

this two messages, is published in the circle of friends wang xin is one of the few and product news. The personage inside course of study says, and “broadcast” is “otaku artifact” different, “small” is more similar to a kind of household goods, your personal terminals share the superior to the big screen and Shared.

fast sowing have amassed 200 million users by the end of 2012, but the two original sin shadow — “piracy” and “porn”.

trying to get rid of the two original sin, wang xin will be fast on bad information reporting system was introduced in 2012, is trying to kill bad content sources. But admits that wang xin will be “the model itself has a problem… Can’t fundamentally solve.”

in 2013, quickly claimed will spent 100 million yuan in the next year for the construction of the original content, invest 30 million yuan to support the innovation of the domestic micro movie.

but fast information has become a target, on November 13, 2013, youku tudou group, sohu video, tencent video and music miniaturization: a joint “China network video anti-piracy joint action”, directed at fast information such as network video piracy and hotlinking behavior, and puts forward the compensation of 300 million yuan. At the end of 2013, in the four departments jointly initiated by the central crack down on Internet piracy special projects “sword net action” press conference, baidu and fast sowing by point at the same time, intensify efforts to crack down on piracy, baidu said in a statement and fast at a time when there were no special public response.

may be a presentiment crisis, on the evening of April 16, 2014, spread quickly on its micro the fast information users to book: we nirvana of “mentioned:” fast from the palace to nirvana, finally a piracy fighters fell, marked the Internet video bandits era is over.” On April 22, a few days later, the police turned out in fast company, after the relevant departments of the various processing means more and more sharp, from the huge amount of fines to many workers are caught, to the final foreign arrest, wang xin will be quickly finally came to an end.

at the moment, once the fast sowing headquarters in shenzhen science and technology park zhongke building has gone, another unrelated company office there. Have fast insiders said, is the original fast many items were transferred to several new registered company, that a few companies have a lot of quick former employees, and fast company itself has disappeared basically.

2013 Wang Xinceng very sad, the eve of the 2014 a person do

there is a close told wang xin is surging news, 2013, suffered a crisis wang xin is seem to be more than the cause of the crisis, and emotional aspects of the crisis.

analysis of wang xin will be friends, there are signs that this seems to have.

in October 2013, the National Day holiday, is wang xin will be spent in shantou island of south Australia. On October 3 in the morning, released some photos of broken beer bottles, wang xin is he wrote “I love you. Since then we have the distance, I got drunk one night without you, so don’t know how long night, perhaps better meet you miss, maybe distance is really beautiful.” The next morning, he wrote in the circle of friends “smoke up, I wait for you at the gate; The setting sun, I at the edge of the mountain and so on you; Drizzle came, I wait for you in umbrella; Yellow leaves, I wait for you in the tree; Water is frozen, I wait for you in the river; We are old, I wait for you in the afterlife… “. On October 7, he wrote “always waiting, think you will appear, groping in the dark, just to see your yellow little shyness, and sasha vujacic dance up layer upon layer of foam, why don’t you?”

then, seems to wang xin will be influenced by Buddhism. On October 24, 2013, he said, “this really belong to you only a few things in the world, as early as the evil, sin and through the tears, take out money, had the disease, an injury, loss, and the resulting such as greed, hatreds, ignorance, and a series of troubles… Losing those belong to you, you will discover that you have a heart of empty spirit wisdom; You will find that you have nothing, you would have nothing.”

during the Spring Festival in 2014, is wang xin will be spent in the queens borough of New Zealand. With her daughter to play, evening he gave his daughter a Fried rice and tomato egg soup, at night to celebrate the holiday with some friends. He said he himself a family reunion dinner is all people do, but it looks quite good.

all text and photos and on New Year’s day, there was no his partner.

on April 18, 2014, last updated wang xin is circle of friends, the hair is a song called understanding, and gather some lyrics wrote “I think I will cry, but I didn’t, I just been pole-axed looked at your footsteps, I give you the final blessing, this is not a kind of understanding, let me see clear oneself, although the total of the pain of love, the day and night, to the deepest in my soul… “

“baggage” dare to be back, more than they had expected, alternately emotional and motivational wang xin is

nearly told wang xin is surging news, amateur hobby is sea fishing, wang xin will be later seemed like some extreme sports. But he was in a bad mood, often went to sea fishing. Fishing wang xin will be go to more places is shantou island of south Australia, but luck seems to wang xin is not good. Once, island of south Australia water is very good, everybody believes that there is a big fish, the results from wang xin is fishing at 4 am to 9 PM, 14 hours also caught only a few small fish.

wang xin perseverance admire by many travelers. On October 4, 2013, after the island of south Australia in 68 km ride wang xin is said “around the island ride let me understand the meaning of the old BeiShu: to support a person continue to motivation is not physical, but faith.” Said wang xin is berlusconi called “bell said,” was born in 1974 in the UK, was a mountaineer, best-selling author, international orator, karate black belt and former British commando. This passage from the old wang xin will be “I can’t imagine, a wrong this game in the life all people can succeed. This also true in the world of survival, survival is always tried. For people to live. In life, the survival of a critical moment, if you are hesitant, will lose its power.”

in the 2013, 2013, content of the circle of friends and wang xin will be sad, and self-help.

on October 6, 2013, “he said,” everyone has the potential to pursue dreams and opportunities, knowledge almost everyone kept closed and negation, they never seriously torture yourself, is really have a dream? Or just talk? They’ve never been strict with themselves, they want to hope to others, they never responsible for their dreams, and just dream about it, is doomed to leave, way, all the way hard, even… “

then on November 8, “he said,” the strong, not without tears, but still including the tears run. People first of aging, not appearance, but the desperate aggressive. Sometimes, dare to be back, more than they had expected, after a period of hard, find myself good than was thought a lot.”

on December 10, take breaths of the text is “if one day I become a rascal, please tell others I once innocent”

on December 19, said after he released photos of the sea fishing “in order to dream even if kneeling go also have to finish this road”.

on December 21, he said “if waiting for me is not spring, let the frostbite will I freeze”.

on January 31, 2014 wang xin will be tried skydiving, said after he made many pictures jump “I jumped to 4700 meters, there is closer to point to heaven, bless all the people who I love and love me: happy New Year, the auspicious year of the horse”.

pursuit of equality, “after the surge, beach had pick up shells”

a company’s former employees tell wang xin is surging news, seems to be in the company to pursue wang xin is a kind of equality.

we go out to play, for example, playing backup guard, wang xin will be no one dare to shovel his, but he asked everyone to his fierce.

another time go out to drift, splashed water but no one dared to on with each other, wang xin will be Wang Xinxian picked up the water, then encourage all over him, has finally been over like a drowned rat.

Wang Xinceng the lunch box in a circle of friends to publish a photo and suspected block face from the photo, say “slowly understand, wear three hundred tables and three million tables, time is the same, and thirty thousand pieces of 30 pieces of drinking wine, vomiting is the same, live 30 square meters and three hundred square meters of housing, loneliness is the same, now seemed to understand the inner real happiness, is the material world will never give the… Smoke of 10 and 100 pieces of smoke get lung cancer, flying first class and economy class lost will not come… The…… “

the fast employees think before planting, and wang xin will be fast on failure and success factor is the same, just change era, society of piracy, pornography and other factors with the new standards, some company has realized the rapid transformation, and fast information hasn’t been able to, “perhaps loathe to give up”.

on February 14, 2014, western valentine’s day, after a beach photos said wang xin will be “after the tide beach, surging, beach had pick up shells”.

source: surging news