Fast sowing was found inside: complaints from baidu, tencent to report

cloud network hunting note: fast information received a ticket for it sparked heated debate, fast information was sent back, what on earth do not know the secrets of human say? Fast sowing is baidu checked original video complaints, tencent to report it.


recently fast sowing was investigated and punished, there are thousands of comments below any news, how many otaku broken dreams fast.

in copyright ways, fast information exists many pirated and pornography, but safe no matter for a long time, why suddenly caught recently for typical investigation, of course, there are quite a few driving force behind.

according to the information we know about gossip, is actually complained to copyright alliance baidu video, why don’t you play pirated only we play fast air? Then by tencent report to investigate quickly.

things to go back to December last year, once the enemy sohu and youku together, plus tencent video and music networks, formed the latest anti-piracy alliance, at a huge conference, high-profile baidu and fast tort.

anti-piracy alliance, the focus of the complaint object is baidu video, audio and baidu baidu shadow stick, the outside world, of course, interpreted as is, in fact, to be listed iQIYI pressure, according to such logic is just a supporting role.

the national copyright administration issued a video soon ticket, asked baidu, fast each fined 250000 yuan. But because baidu is, after all, giant, staring at the “piracy” charges can not continue to do business, baidu video soon under the comprehensive pirated content, close the P2P peer-to-peer downloads, and radar function (through geographical location near to see people looking at what) are copyrighted content.

but faster still silently to the development of the original business. The next baidu video must not happy ah, say hit two people, why I don’t care other people, and provoke constantly questioned the copyright alliance party such as tencent, youku, then follow the momentum, pornographic and illegal publications by tencent to relevant departments to report fast sowing.

why is tencent to? Remember the last time the anti-piracy alliance conference, although also be several video hosting, but by tencent video to invite the media, and with the shenzhen company, tencent reported better go legal way.

more gossip today some confirmed: “shenzhen market regulators, said after receiving the tecent, began to fast to initiate an investigation. Because tencent requires this case involving the business secret, refused to media to attend.”

and yesterday’s hearing, tencent, music, youku and other company representatives were also present.

shenzhen market supervision and administration of claims, the preliminary conclusion fast company without permission, through illegal business revenue of 86.716 million yuan of piracy, combined with fast sowing infringement for many times, after receiving the administrative penalties to infringement, subjective intent, illegal if the circumstances are serious, etc., for its fine divided by 3 times illegal operations, the fine of $260 million.

we track the video industry for a long time, if we do not crack down on piracy video companies hard to survive now, huge funds continue to see return, this is they have to make choices, for the whole business environment is also good. Must be great not great for the user, of course, China’s Internet which have charge of truth? It will take a long time.

but since first interview fast broadcast several years ago, we are very curious, clearly this is piracy and chip business, why can still on the apple stores, why no video website out blow? May be fast, just because at that time scale is not big.

this time report tencent to fast, we began to wonder, one of the founders of tencent has li qing, is also a fast investors, don’t like this watch fast sowing fall? Don’t have another investor Zhou Hongyi, something tips help fast information?

looking forward to be more splendid subsequent development