Fast sowing was open huge fines of $260 million

from: economic observation network

On May 20,

in the afternoon, the shenzhen market supervision and administration to fast shenzhen headquarters, delivered to shenzhen quick information technology co., LTD., quasi administrative penalty hearing notice for fast fined 260 million yuan. Due to the fast is the high-level company, notice of the implementation of lien arrived.

News background

fast broadcast by a police investigation or video piracy

weibo news that police officers into the quick survey company shenzhen headquarters, and sealed the company all staff’s computer. To this, the analysis, the event may be associated with fast sowing a pornographic and pirated. Fast company also released in the afternoon, the official weibo, admit that do have the police to quickly understand the situation, but denies workers abducted, the company is now operating normally.

for this matter, there are media reports that the matter be handled by the ministry of public security and copyright administration joint, which has more than 10 do adsense caught fast information content. Quick information about the server is shut down and the transition statement before, or after receipt of the relevant information behavior. According to the Beijing youth daily survey found that fast on suspicion of a large amount of pornographic content in the software. Reporter also found that in the search area of the this software can also search to a large number of piracy and release film is prohibited.

this, the reporter interviewed the network video anti-piracy joint action in China, it said, “this means that the anti-piracy operation stage victory, hope to be able to completely eliminate network video piracy in China, to provide a better environment for the healthy development of the industry.”

this month 16, xinhua news agency, in a news release said the national “against pornography and illegal publications” and national departments jointly launched “net net 2014 pornographic and illegal publications” special operation is also follow. That day night, fast information technology’s announcement said “will clear the vulgar content and for pirated content, closed Qvod server, stop based on the technology of video on demand and fast download”, and start the business model transformation, and investing $1 for the original construction.

analysts pointed out that fast sowing was apparently not recent things related department investigation, fast broadcast matter is related to its earlier exposed the problem of piracy. On November 13, 2013, tencent, sohu, youku, potatoes, le networks, launched by the proprietors “China network video anti-piracy joint action”, accused the fast video such companies as tort.

the following December 30, 2013, the national copyright administration jointly held five ministries to crack down on Internet piracy special projects “sword net action”, to fast sowing shall be ordered to stop the infringing act, the administrative penalty of fine of $250000. Until last week fast replayed quickly announced the closure of the original before Qvod server, transformation, continue with the media exposure of fast Qvod piracy situation.

after the antenna video and other video sites for piracy, head of the prison.