Fast taxi will provide free rescheduling risks for taxi drivers, the first Internet insurance products for taxi drivers

on April 24, the country’s largest taxi software fast taxi announced today, is planning to use a fast driver’s cab driver free delays risks, and labor day is launched next week. The personage inside course of study says, to some extent, a move that will improve fast taxi drivers of loyalty.

message display, rescheduling risks to get free taxi driver, if the traffic accident in the process of operating a taxi vehicles damaged, drivers, staff clinic or hospital, a corresponding delays can be obtained.

due to the particularity of industry itself exists that the taxi appears the probability of traffic accidents is much higher than ordinary vehicles, while taxi drivers have medical insurance and compulsory insurance, but because of the delays caused by car and see a doctor but not loss.

the relevant person in charge of fast taxi said, as the nation’s largest taxi software, quick take a taxi in the travel convenience for passengers at the same time, also have the duty to provide for taxi drivers more security. Iresearch MUT, according to data from the domestic software market faster by taxi than 60.87% of market share.

‘s vm for rescheduling risks are looking forward to free of charge. “Time is money for us, in an accident in the past as long as the car can drive a I will continue to live, are generally accumulated to have to repair, because of the delay loss is equivalent to a few hundred yuan a day. Fast taxi free delays risks is very practical for our group.” Vm said. Yin Jingxue analysys analyst thinks, for quick take a taxi, the value-added services provided for the driver will be essentially for the driver to bring more real job security, at the same time change simply to hold up the driver’s subsidy way this way of stimulation, thus to promote the loyalty of the driver, in the business competition at the same time to promote the social value of the firm.