Fatalistic: why is the biggest enemy is the iPhone?

the sales falling. Some people say that the recession is derived from the rise of the Android tablet, is the result of slow update cycle. But in my opinion, represented by the tablet, the future of the biggest rivals may be represented by the iPhone smartphone.

why the enemy is not Android tablet

a take it for granted the idea is that by Android continuously eroded the market share, the cause of its decline from low-priced Android tablet crazy flow around. But according to the network traffic consumption of tablets (below), it still controls the “flow” entrance without controversy. Differences between tablet and smartphone market, use the most original users, not attracted by cheap Android tablet. The north American market dominance of the iOS, so in China, Britain and other places, too.

what’s more, the Android devices are new concept of a so-called tablet. On the one hand, it will consciously or unconsciously in the 7 inch set the upper limit for the Android system optimal experience; On the other hand, the combination of mobile phone tablet is impact the traditional understanding of consumers.

in a nutshell, the Android tablet will affect the device, but its influence far behind the pace of Android in smartphones in the impact on the iPhone.

“recession” of the enlightenment to the tablet market

ruled out more mistakes, we should be traced back to the source analysis, whether the potential threat comes from where? In my opinion, the competition in the future may be more big screen of the iPhone.

first of all, the traditional concepts such as definition of the tablet, and smartphone, compared to its mobility. Most tablet can use data network, or card version equipment pricing is quite high. In addition, factors such as size, weight, also make the products such as the location of the between PC and smart phones, more awkward.

second, the outbreak is its real can have similar to smart phones as the application of ecological system. This is not just in Numbers, but also in quality. There must be some application is specifically for the tablet, provides users with other equipment cannot be replaced by the experience. For example, many applications use sensors embedded in the cell phone provides the location service, which is a traditional PC cannot be achieved. It wants to burst, but also must have the exclusive application.

I think, the more should be a desktop or laptop evolution body. At present, mobile office is the most has the market prospect of a development direction. Unfortunately, despite the Office log on it, but still can’t compete with PC version operation.

in the end, if it is still the continuation of the current development situation, the size of the biggest competitors will be more big screen of the iPhone. Application scenarios of the device itself is mobility is stronger than the iPhone, if after iPhone screen becomes larger, so the comparative advantage may be wiped out.