Figures show that 2014 will become the year of “online health” blowout

from a few days ago, in 2014 the first half of investment institutions or individuals in the field of digital medical treatment, more than 2013 the sum of all the year round. In view of this, analysts predict that this year will be the digital medical treatment (medical) online in the years of development.

to be sure, the report of investigation is the online health investment and financing situation in the United States this year. As an indicator of the global technology industry, the data of the report is very has the reference significance. The following is one of the important data:

the first six months of this year, investment institutions to aol with a total investment of $2.3 billion in medical industry. Last year the vc institutions in the field of investment of $1.97 billion;

, not only have more online health related startups get financing, the average amount of financing company also greatly increased, from $10 million last year, rising to $15.6 million today;

, investment is active in the field of the vc institutions include: Qualcomm Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, Emergence Capital, Google Ventures, Matrix Partners, Venrock;

, online health gradually from behind the scenes to the front, and venture capital institutions more testing the waters in contrast, the field depends on the platform go out and raise the number of online medical start-ups in sharp decline;

in the field of online medical,’s wind to seek refuge with relatives lai areas concentrated in the following six aspects: online medical payment, digital medical equipment, medical data analysis, medical consumer interactive, population health management, personal health care.