Film mobile marketing new gameplay: micro dynamic wallpaper conversion rate 75%

although the domestic movie market increasingly hot box office record highs, but competition is also increasingly brutal, with data showed that about 80% of the domestic film in a state of losing money. Film distributor in growing Numbers are beginning to try to optimize the marketing strategy, mobile channels are of the utmost importance is one piece.

in addition to the use of traditional media, community and other mobile products, and through the phone the dynamic wallpaper tool start gradually by the industry recognition, micro nets qin’s music is in exploring the early and get a good performance.

at the recent “master of the American film” activities, micro le dynamic wallpaper business partner and chief marketing officer Zhao Yu embellish Shared “how mobile Internet marketing new movie” the theme of the content, detailed elaborated the micro le dynamic wallpaper products characteristic and in the film marketing case, caused the filmmakers, film and television to promote the company and media interest.

under the first to get to know joy. Products in December 2012, this is a mobile phone desktop tool, also is a dynamic desktop content platform, wallpaper style widely in 3 d, cartoon, scenery, cool, scenery, beauty, and so on. Unlike static wallpaper, the music is dynamic, the lock screen wallpaper and deeply associated with the users personalized DIY way, strengthen the interaction, and on this basis to explore business model.

lock screen + wallpaper can how much potential? According to British research institutions in October last year, according to the average person to check the phone number is as high as 110 times a day, 75% of users will use to unlock the phone. The lock screen + wallpaper is the content of the first to enter the front of the user, from this perspective, slightly le than micro letter, hand tools such as Q, the importance of “entrance” and more front.

since this year, the happy live wallpaper with television, mobile game industry was the first to cooperation, keep the cell phone user on the lock screen can be directly through the “unlocked” the action look under the shadow, posters, trivia, news, the guide piece, little game to play movie themes, the future can also choose, booking tickets, participation, rob posters and other activities. Such a cool experience, is a traditional wallpaper can’t do it.

Zhao Yu embellish show at the scene, for example, the “frozen man cases, its position in the lock screen of mobile phones and wallpaper do” still + + video plot “promotion, taking three unlock the props and interactive games to the scene is very interested in marketing experts, call this is the” wall “. Zhao Yu embellish said, it’s fun through the unlock, dynamic wallpaper let user interaction, then the user traffic mobile posters, trailers, movie video, the greatest gift mall or even mobile phones to buy tickets.

micro dynamic music wallpaper has to tailor the mobile marketing plan many movies, such as Chen Sicheng director of the Beijing love story “, “diary of cosmetic and the hypnotist, among them, the” Beijing love story “the micro dynamic data outstanding wallpaper: use 3 hours and trailers play an average of more than 200000 times and the conversion rate of 75%.

in addition to the film and television promotion, Zhao Yu embellish the scene also shows other entertainment promotion cases, such as interactive promotion, Jenny yu quan 3 d characters speak applauded The Three Kingdoms, “the movement of the mobile game new Internet marketing and so on.