Finally Goodbye Windows

Although it was not my intention, in the end I opted to format the entire computer (I had a shit …) and only put in linux.

As usual, I had an internal debate between Ubuntu or Kubuntu (Gnome or KDE) and after playing with the Live of both and read some things online I decided on Ubuntu.

The most important reason is that I am more used to it since I have been using gnome for several years and for what I need it is fine, although I have to say that the colors and distribution of KDE I liked a lot.

But not everything was going to be a road of roses, but finally my ATI does not give me problems and I can listen to music: D and even detects all PenDrive, external hard drives, SD / MMC cards … but I still need to configure some things that do not quite work well at all.

I have already been installing my platform to program, I started with the LAMP Server and I have been looking for some IDE to program PHP, so I have tried with BlueFish and Eclipse.

As I started to fiddle like a child with a new toy, the problems have not been slow to appear, I think that due to the “effects of the desktop” I have caused a failure and I have been hanging, thank goodness I wrote an article for some time Linux emergency cases: D

I will continue counting my skills and the rest of the programs that I’m putting in here …

I’m going on vacation

Everyone gets theirs and my holidays have arrived 🙂 I will go down to Cadiz, near Puerto de Santa María and I will not return until August.

This blog … will not be closed at all, since Eva will take care of posting some of the news that I have accumulated from time to time, as if they will not expire: p but it will be impossible to answer the mails and the comments (forgive me) )

Just thinking about how I will have the mail tray when I arrive starts to stress me ..

Well, I said, have a good summer everyone and remember that tomorrow afternoon I’ll be bathing in this little beach ..

That nasty

Look, I’ve seen unpleasant things but this is … I really do not understand the people who like these abobinations, if to begin with they will not be able to run, because with what they have to weigh, that sure bounces back to the Laos and As I put a cake on his face he leaves it unconscious and do not tell me that with a bra he controls it because that is not tied with the ropes of the boats.