FingerReader, helps the blind to read the “Lord of the rings”

the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) researchers have recently developed a new technology, this technology promises to make the blind and vision have damaged people don’t use any printed text to read braille.

“FingerReader” is a 3 d printing ring assembly, it is equipped with a small camera can scan. When a user fingers touch the text, the device can be real-time read aloud. According to FingerReader website, this tool can not only to need to read printed text visually impaired people to use, can also be used in language translation.

according to participate in the design of prototype Pattie Maes, a professor of the Massachusetts institute of technology is introduced, the device gives the blind a “text from the fingertips lightly across” experience. Than they have now, “she told the Associated Press in the solution, the solution is more flexible and more direct.”

according to the developer Roy Shilkrot introduction, although FingerReader exist such as text detection and recite the text other optical character recognition equipment problems, but its liquidity and adaptability is unique. He said, this is a can make the blind and vision have damaged to use forefinger to track written text to read wearable devices.

FingerReader is facing many words, and the whole text. It connected to laptop computers or mobile phones, which can allow the user to carry the device to read like a restaurant menu, business CARDS, or any other than 12 pounds text. If not very consistent with meaning, FingerReader can also be based on vibration feedback to the user.

three years of design and development, the device is still just a prototype. But, the researchers said, they want to be able to attract investors, and the price is reasonable for the public production soon, marketable devices.

according to researchers at the Massachusetts institute of technology introduction, about three percent of the population are visual disorders, which are about the size of the market for FingerReader. Walk along this road, we think it is potential, it can not only help the visually impaired person can also help the elderly, children, language learners and tourists.