Firefox OS guide developers benchmark “smartphones” Flame

Firefox OS in today formally in used to guide the Firefox mobile phone manufacturers, application developers benchmark equipment – Firefox OS Flame. Analysts pointed out that the significance of the device is equal to Google Nexus products, its role is to the Android “typical demonstration” many partners.

according to the Mozilla blog, according to data from the device configuration is as follows:

4.5 inch screen, 854 x 480 resolution;

qualcomm Xiao dragon 200 1.2 GHz dual-core processor;

256 MB, 1 gb of RAM can be customized, 8 gb of storage space can be extended;

5 million pixels in the camera, support automatic focus and flash to turn off the lights;

1800 ma batteries;

support 2 g, 3 g network;

support bluetooth 3.0, Micro USB, wi-fi, NFC;

double card double stay.

it is understood that the device at a price of $170, on June 10th bookers, will receive the Flame at the end of June phone (except Japan).

Firefox on the phone seems to take very seriously. Mozilla’s chief technology officer Asa Dotzler writes: “as a smartphone provided specifically for developers and community contributor, is of important guiding significance for Flame. And carriers, we try our best to make this kind of mobile phone pricing to a minimum.”

unfortunately, after MOTOROLA Moto E issued $129 – a near native, experience the perfect “Google phone”.