FireFox OS joint spreadtrum pushing $25 phones, dozen however Android to harass WP

in Asian mobile communication fair in a few days ago in Shanghai, and they will joint spreadtrum this year to launch a low price of the chip, and pick up the chip FireFox OS smartphone prices to around $25.

although FireFox OS smartphone prices have now wandering up and down from $60, but Mozilla says the price is still not good to sell. “One dollar for many developing countries consumers hard to say, means that you can do many things. More than $50 of smartphone, it is hard to impress the users there.” Mozilla COO said.

FireFox OS has been to “lightweight” system’s identity to challenge the Android, but since the Android 4.4 launch, the Fire Fox OS is basically no longer take “occupy less space, the hardware requirements low” so-called advantage such as propaganda.

so far, FireFox OS has four, including zte, LG and other mobile phone manufacturers cooperation agreement, in Europe and Latin America have launched 10 kinds of smartphones.

however, FireFox OS cellphone sales do not seem to be very desirable. Mozilla has not released FireFox OS specific sales of mobile phone. Spokesman said a few days ago, carry on the market at present the FireFox OS phone number more than 1 million.

from Strategy Analytics forecasts suggest that FireFox OS mobile phone market share this year expected to exceed 1%, to 3% in 2018.

it is understood that this (a few) $25 phones will take the lead in India and Indonesia.

it’s interesting that Mozilla COO in the interview did not like before, emphasize to preempt the Android market. He said proudly, “FireFox OS than cell phones and WP, Tizen seize the emerging markets.”