First Opinion, don’t want to let you free private health consultant too seriously

health wearable devices connected to the application and, is bring us more than ever, personal health data. But the data collected in finishing, the most important to professional medical diagnosis. But even the tiniest diagnoses, medical experts, is still the most tight resources.

this is an application, it provides a user can hope that through and around the world can give medical advice the doctor direct contact, to make up the “quantitative” application and the gap between full-time doctors diagnose traditional face to face. 24 hours service allows users to send information in application to communicate with their doctors, and doctors use the application can be found in a limited amount of time to help answer all kinds of general medical problems.

before you have the opportunity to communicate with the doctor, you will receive a copy of the doctor’s resume, including the doctor’s professional field, working time, location, and they have to answer the question. This resume also includes a colleague from other doctor evaluation, and it is a good way to supervise the doctor’s behavior.

this resume and even personal information (such as whether to have children, etc.), so that we can in the user tries to personal sensitive medical problems with doctors to share such a relative stranger to help doctors to establish trust.

if you are willing to wait 24 hours for a reply, then the service will be provided free of charge. But to want to be in 5 minutes to get a reply, we will charge $9 a month; Accordingly, if it is for 3 minutes, will be charged $29.

there is a problem, the application is First mentioned in the Opinion of the terms of service, you won’t get licensed doctors help those with doctors in the United States. In addition, the company’s web site suggest user to avoid using the application in an emergency. Site advises: “if you suspect or have reason to believe that there is an emergency, please help your doctor or a pedestrian or call 911.”

in the same way, the terms of the doctor’s advice discouraged users will as a real medical advice. Clause ShenMingDao: “through the applications and services for the medical advice, diagnosis, prescription and medicine recommends should not be considered in your range.” So, although these careful considerations will help the application from lawsuits, but also damage the significance of the application itself.

however, we tried some service, it is just as effective as described. When used for the first time you login, you will be asked to provide your age and gender, after the application will automatically match the doctor for you. In two separate matching, we respectively match to the doctors from India and Australia. When using the free version, based on the detailed information, we can receive a definite answer within five minutes.

in response to the doctor after a series of subsequent problems, we will give more details than the initial answer and Angle of additional response. Such communication can be interactive, pleasant and impressive.

thus, it is obvious that even if according to the company’s own statement – not be able to get advice from the application as a real medical advice, a real-time application of contact trained doctors is still striking. At present, the application only supports the iOS system.