First WP 8.1 upgrade for the user to receive “desktop application drawer”

according to foreign media reports, science and technology of Microsoft’s forthcoming WP 8.1 upgrade services for the first time, will provide the user with the function of the “application of drawers to receive”. This function is similar to already in iOS and Android applications in the drawer.

the reports, according to the picture of exposure of a dark magnetic WP interface diagram, respectively the five small application icon. Revealed, WP 8.1 the application of the newly added drawer in the mode of operation, basically consistent with the iOS.

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Microsoft official confirmed the news, and special emphasis on, other WP users want to enjoy the new function, must be the phone system upgrading to WP 8.1.

according to previous media reports, WP 8.1 upgrade for the first time will launch this year in July or August.

as one of the functions of user desire, the application of the WP receive drawer by nokia practice too early. Previously, nokia in the company to the WP 8 user push Black upgrade, with the above function.