FishBrain, belongs to the fishing enthusiast social platform

in the Internet age, no matter what is your hobby, basically can search to the corresponding theme BBS, and find a group of like-minded friends. Fishing this activity obviously. However, creating social platform for fishing enthusiasts FishBrain, do more than BBS.

social platform data sharing, and all the package form

FishBrain is a mobile phone application from Sweden, the aim is creating social platform for fishing enthusiast.

FishBrain fully integrated in the form of the package, the wealth of information in their own communities, such as geological, meteorological information (including wind speed, wind direction, air humidity, temperature, etc.) to assist users to analysis the best place for fishing, or some kind of fish is the best to the bait. In addition to analyze the data, FishBrain also encourages users to share their fishing trip, the user can upload pictures to share their travel and results.

FishBrain currently support iOS and Android platform, and belong to the free application. Recently FishBrain also launched a new paid apps, testing the waters value-added business. FishBrain paid apps provides a more detailed analysis, based on their own in the community of rich data analysis can let users understand the specific which catch what kind of fish in the lake in the probability is higher.

FishBrain CEO Johan Attby said FishBrain now has 430000 registered users, nearly half of the active user, at present through the App to upload results record has amounted to 130000.

FishBrain themselves is the industry’s biggest hobby fishing platform, according to the data of FishBrain, at least 40 million American fishing enthusiasts (the amount spent on fishing activities each year more than 48 billion), thus FishBrain are also trying to seize this part of the active users.

financing situation and forward

FishBrain was founded in 2010, has just finished 2.4 million A round of financing. This round of funding by Northzone, Active Venture Partners, led, GP Bullhound, Edastra Venture Capital Venture Capital and investors such as Mathias Ackermand, Rikard Steiber and ALMI for refs. This round of financing before FishBrain a total of 1.5 million, and throw Industrifonden, Umando, Henrik Torstensson (LIfesum CEO), Mattias Miksche (Stardoll founder), etc.

the CEO Attby said that a new round of funding will be used to accelerate product development, strengthen marketing area in the United States market and expand its user base. And FishBrain are developing new product also contains more paying function, such as intelligent recommendation, and gaming mechanism module – such as rankings and challenge. He also revealed that FishBrain is also planning to find a suitable partner, making some extensions, such as the hardware allows the user to further assess their performance on a fishing trip.

Northzone investment manager Tim He said FishBrain unearthed a niche market for the new opportunities for the rich. The fishing is a global coverage and the digitized lower an interest in the activities. FishBrain for fishing enthusiasts to build a good social platform. In his view, the FishBrain under the operation of high-quality team, have a good development prospect in the future.