Five cross app store than: WP acceleration, amazon blackberry is grim

domestic enterprises overseas has become a new trend, and now abroad five applications store the current developing situation how? Hunting cloud network for everyone to comb.

according to WPCentral pointed out that the Windows Phone Store 300000 application has passed, we have confirmed the authenticity of this number. Microsoft spokesman confirmed: today we have more than 30 a Windows Phone application, and our Windows Phone Store continues to grow. In the past year, Windows and Windows Phone application directory has increased by 94%, a 50% increase in the number of active developers.

when asked is when we have reached this milestone figures, we are told this is the data until the end of June 2014. Windows Phone Store in June 2012 when just 100000 app, then, in December 2013, the application number to 200000. So, there is no doubt about it, the Windows Phone Store number of applications in the year-on-year growth accelerated. In short, 100000 kinds of applications in the past six months has been uploaded and released.

however, relatively Apple Apple Store application number, Windows Phone Store is a little petty, by July 10, 2014, Apple’s App Store App Store launched six years ago. At present, the App Store has more than 1.2 million applications, download volume reached 75 billion times, there are 800 per second App is being downloaded, the average App was downloaded 62000 times. The world has 9 million iOS developer, up 47% from last year. App Store on revenue of $10 billion last year, apple based on sharing agreement for years accumulative total paid $15 billion to developers. App Store application number continues to grow, increased by 60000 for a new application every month, analysts argue that the momentum shows no sign of slowing. Expect from now on until the App Store seventh anniversary, will be 578000 new App; By January 2016, will again 952977 app.

meanwhile, mobile game data statistical analysis company App Annie has released the first quarter of 2014, Google Play report, according to the report in the June 2014 in the past year, Google Play store application has risen by 60% year-on-year, the current application number reached $1.5 million, more than the previous apple announced at WWDC 2014 conference in 2014. In terms of revenue, Google Play double have appeared in the growth, developed markets become the main download and income growth, revenue growth in the emerging markets, conspicuous, but due to the Chinese market fragmentation is serious, there is no unified statistical standard, so the report does not contain the Android market in China. From July 2013 to June 2014, an increase of nearly 60%, Google Play application number, according to apple CEO cook had previously revealed at WWDC 2014 meeting, the App Store now broke the 1.2 million, the total number of the application of obviously Google Play application number of the growth rate exceeded the iOS platform.

in the Amazon Appstore, Amazon launched in March 2011, Amazon Appstore app store, in August last year has announced its application number to 100000 – that is, the application number has doubled in less than a year. By the end of the April this year, 200000 in the amazon app store application, three times the number is close to a year ago, and covers almost 200 countries. Although amazon’s software ecosystem have achieved good development, but with the App Store and Google Play million level compared to the number of applications of amazon Store scale and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store application number obviously exist some gap.

although the scale of the amazon Store and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store application number by giant apple App Store and Google Play, but there’s more niche blackberry App Store, while blackberry App Store application number continues to grow in recent years, but its application number is only a third of the Microsoft Windows Phone Store. Statistics by the end of the may, in recent years the blackberry app store application number only 100000.

in millions of applications in the market, the security of application software can be secure?

before apple senior engineer Mike Lee said the App Store review standards have always is famous for its strict, but artificial mechanism of audit and opaque black box has exposed the many ills, such as the rules of uncertainty, low efficiency, a double standard, caused a lot of excellent application cannot be too careful or cause was pulled from the shelves. Would rather kill wrong good application, also cannot let a harm to the user of the application. This is the App Store review. And, of course, the only Lee described the United States is, as for the China App Store behind the mess inside. After reports that China is only less than 10 members of the audit, they will be responsible for review weekly new stores in China thousands of app. Of course, the present situation of the apple’s App Store also is closely connected with the domestic application of complex environment, such as the recently apple adjust ranking algorithms to brush block list. For apple, actively explore the Chinese market localization of audit work is still a long way to go.

a long time, Google Play Store audit has been more lax than apple’s App Store, many Android users through the Play Store App installation will suffer from malicious programs. Now, Google increased security scanning part in the Play Store, developer of the App to stores Play Store, you need to check through the built-in cloud, which covers the malware scan, find several links such as malicious code. If the App was found to have potentially malicious behavior, Play Store will automatically group users to install, but the user can select installation requirement. However, since Android is an open system, Google’s move could improve the safety of Google Play store, but not completely eliminate the security problems of Android users can source from other software install Android App. If you are a pay attention to the safety of users, suggested to use the App to download from Google Play, the risk will be smaller.

according to Microsoft’s official blog, in order to ensure the safety of Windows Phone, users can only through the Windows Phone Store for application, it is effectively killed the malicious software from the source. Each APP stores before being tested in the first place. Once found malware, quickly removed. Compared with Android and iOS, Windows Phone users is less, but still, because of its strong safety performance, some part in attracting government and big business users, Windows Phone will still have a lot of advantages. Many years ago, blackberry, first introduced by the broad masses of users, and even become first choice of many government departments, one very important reason is that it’s security. But with the change of The Times, the blackberry was brilliant, no longer the lack of application for blackberry lost a lot of users.

Amazon Appstore app store in China audit more strictly, and permissions are dead, the application must be in Chinese as the name of the application, however, Amazon Appstore app store operation situation is not optimistic in China, according to statistics, the domestic developers in the Amazon Appstore app store of income less than 1/50 of the them in the apple store, at the same time, after Amazon points to 30%, still need to pay 30% of the U.S. government tax, it is only about 50% of sales, invoicing way also is not very accord with the Chinese usage, often use cheque clearing, each country a check bills, developers went to the bank to cash a cheque cycle is very long, and there are some formalities charge; However checks through the mail lost to China is easy to happen, this gives the developer a lot of inconvenience.

the last also mentioned a blackberry, although John Chen said blackberry restructuring is complete, but from the point of the current situation, the blackberry was unable to stir the smartphone market. Even once the giants, basic to quit the consumer electronics market.