Flappy Bird this summer to return to the App Store, increase many interactive play

cloud network hunting on May 15,

Flappy Bird Bird (pixels), the only developer, young men in Vietnam nguyen ha east recently when accepting official pointed out that his plan in August Flappy Bird back to the App Store. It is important to note that the game will add more interactive play (multiplayer title). But, as always, nguyen ha east in maximum extent, prevent the game player’s too crazy.

at the moment we don’t know nguyen ha east “multiplayer interactive game” specific meaning.

Flappy Bird is at the end of last year and early this year, one of the hottest mobile games. This scenario is a “super Mary bird version”, visual effects, can be called “disastrous”, play an “idiot”, the difficulty is “abnormal” of the game, in obscurity a few years later, the soaring to the App Store the hottest applications. The game is said to bring nguyen ha east daily application of up to $50000 in advertising.

unfortunately, nguyen ha east then announced from the App Store (lower Flappy Bird. His explanation for this is that, beyond his personal ability to endure the attention and don’t want to let the desire of the user too crazy.

Flappy Bird’s success is the result of many factors. In swimming, in pursuit of rich content, style diversity, vision in the s, Flappy Bird do exactly the opposite approach, unexpected results are obtained. Since then, a blind follower by the punishment of the App Store.