Floating refrigerator U – mercifully: mobile control temperature, solar power supply ceiling

mentioned refrigerator, in everyone’s traditional impression, some are big, bulky, price is very expensive, big guy. Even if science and technology progress again, I can’t seem to change size refrigerator reality. If refrigerator could be smaller, and will not affect the food preservation, what would it be interesting things.

U – mercifully refrigerator design is a concept, it inspired by the soap bubbles, can be suspended in the air float to fall away, and the food parcels inside play a role in preservation. As for the inside temperature, will be connected to the smartphone to control the inside of the sensor to achieve the purpose of temperature control. In addition, through a smartphone App information and we can also see each bubble in food preservation. Can also share to the social networks and friends to share your recipes, see who is better, more healthy eating habits.

U – mercifully can be automatically recharged floating back to the ceiling, after a full charge can automatic roaming in the sky. At the same time there will be a magnetic field on the ceiling, can guarantee U – mercifully spilling food will fall to the earth. At the same time, the ceiling of the energy source is achieved by absorption of solar roof.

how, so science and environmental protection of air bubbles fridge, very creative?

source: tencent digital