Focusing on experience companies: apple, Nike, starbucks and Beats are the same company?

apple, Nike and starbucks, how to locate the three companies?

the apple is what kind of company?

apple has excellent science and technology, of course, but it is called a technology company and not quite sure. Apple is good at marketing, if it is classified as marketing companies are not appropriate. Apple retail stores throughout the rest of the world, but it also should not be seen as a retail company.

the same problem, can put on Nike.

to Nike sneakers, but it already beyond this category of products. , of course, Nike is the world’s one of the most good at marketing company, but they also produce genius level innovative products. The boundary of the past few years, Nike has expanded into the software and wearable technology, let no one see Nike as a technology company. Nike has spread around the world store, but it should not be treated as a retail company.


starbucks coffee, but had not only selling coffee. It is one of the world’s most good at marketing, brand value is high. In the past few years, the cooperation with Square, or starbucks CARDS and mobile applications, it is in the development of mobile commerce boundary, but no one put starbucks as a technology company. Starbucks stores everywhere in the world, but it must be not only a simple retail company.

apple, Nike, starbucks… They is very similar to some extent, sharing the same kind of business model. Over the years all kinds of experts in various occasions that occupy the market with cheap Android apple would be profitable. Like outside a group of people can’t look straight into the other Nike, so selling leather and textile company how to keep the profits? Of course, you will again and again hear someone describe starbucks coffee “light like water”. Don’t is sell mobile phone/shoes/coffee! Nike in a gross profit margin, however, less than 33% of the industry to keep 45% of the profits, the company with a few shipments took the most profit, starbucks? Has been your media denounced as “coffee became a windfall industry”.

Thompson, described his own wife obsessed Nike process:

“my wife to sign up to the Nike women’s marathon. Want to sign up to register? You have to meet the conditions, and that is with the Nike + Running applications in the past month run out of 50 km. After the success of the registration of your Nike + there will be a special sign. Very trouble? But my wife was readily accepted the challenge, download the application, the mileage accumulation, reciprocal game days, joy to buy a new pair of shorts. Enjoy it.”

“Experience” (Experience Company)

Nike to sell not only products. But a “become a runner’s Experience” (the Experience of being a runner), or to become a basketball fan (also player), tennis enthusiasts (” tennis “player) or golf lovers (golfer) Experience…

this kind of experience, not just athletes from them in the AD image or the quality of the Nike sneakers or sports clothes models even viscosity of application. The experience from the sum of all of these factors on top of this further sublimation.

Nike is a Company Experience (Experience Company).

it is everyday items sold, but through the “Experience” Nike (Nike Experience) for differentiation and harvest is far higher than the industry’s profits. This is the best, the best business model. Apple, of course, can be compared to compete with them.

the apple is also an Experience Company (Experience Company). Sell it to you is not the computer, mobile phone or tablet. They sell advertising, official retail sales service from fine until actual use simple packaging and equipment feel things such as mixed extraction of “Experience” the Apple (Apple Experience). They sell is daily commodity, but by the “apple experience” differentiation to gain higher profits.

starbucks? It’s coffee, snacks, drinks, membership CARDS, stores, services, applications, foreign send, advertising constitute a unique “starbucks Experience” (Starbuck Experience), flocking and charge higher prices to customers.

the smartest companies have a natural fit. Starbucks everywhere MacBook, apple and Nike depth cooperation…

experience company exists in the Consumer Market (Consumer Market), fashion fast away industry (or “luxury”), has a distinctive brand image, harvest the industry’s highest profit, disdain the low-end Market, provide cross-border services.

last month to Nike Nike Fuelband hardware to abandon also triggered widespread media attention. But this does not mean that Nike give up wearable, but the software and hardware integration and apple for further. The compiler in my another article “, on both sides of the positioning is described in detail.

Beats, a rising experience company

in the last week of the trend up. Various media even launched a quiz competition of science and technology. Theme is why apple is going to buy the headphones (in experts seem overblown) company?

for headphones, for music streaming service, in order to marketing team, in order to ai the China join the help recover its lost the heart, the music industry to wearable…

if we are not the apple as a technology company, or a retail company, or an Internet company, but as a company of “experience”, that the ongoing acquisition of why is very clear.

Beats is a rising of the “Experience” (Experience Company). Not sell Beats headphones, but as a music lover’s Experience, the Experience of being music fans) the Experience is provided by the apple iPod (before). Beats headphones is not only used to listen to music, but a tiara, a status attributes.

as Gizmodo said: “there is even a child went to best buy to buy Beats headphones, not because it sounds cool, but the Beats headphones to make them look cool.”

Beats in same quality under the condition of mediocrity, through Beats Experience (Beats Experience) harvest the industry’s highest profit. By the end of 2012, won the “high-end” Beats headphones (us $100 and a higher price) 64% of the market share.

as a experience company, apple company want to buy such a rise in the experience, the company is the most expensive in the history of the purchase price.

this paper views the Ben Thompson, “”, the other reference Mr Thomas luo”.”

at the end of the article on the analysis of the apple purchase Beats, doesn’t mean confirmed apple has buy the Beats. Although there have been many authoritative media reported, but the deal has not been confirmed by both parties.

this paper emphatically analyzes American company. China’s “experience”? Welcome to the discussion.