Football, transition from pure data to participate in the game

the World Cup, the pressure lost of Argentina. It doesn’t matter, I don’t find tiantai. Leave an excuse to end, it doesn’t matter, still can tiger flapping and other mixed up.

mobile terminal, application has a lot of football, football, understand the ball emperor, established the tiger jump. Following the World Cup downloads get very big spike. Today to introduce the application of football control is also one of the areas. After we have done is simple, they choose at the end of the World Cup, in team’s words: they also small, do not want to squeeze into confrontation.

football, to concentrate on football real-time data and information of the mobile Internet products. Meet is a football fan for the game and related peripheral information to understand and master the demand. The user can one-stop access to the rich data and soccer football news.

by chat and football team found that football who control the goal is not to replace, but to supplement the game live on the second screen , the equivalent of football partner. To professional fans to attract professional data, pseudo fans to attract information content.

dry speak not understand, a few scenarios example

on the pitch, for example, the parties to the half way through your team game, the user can control access to the game by football every player’s running distance, shooting position, possession and other detailed data. Is more intuitive than television commentary provided in detail.

such as the World Cup again, watching the game at the same time, football will join the game scene, pop-up quiz question, 35 or 40 minutes whether the game will be yellow. The user selected in the countdown to a minute. Will the real game. User immersion participation in order to gain a sense of accomplishment.

the user if they miss one game, it doesn’t matter, football would collect related information and video highlights do push.

football is also provide function of setting the home team, if you like a team, can be set to the home state. Related news and information will be multi-level information display the home team. To ensure that important news a not fall. (experience, recommended to optimize data)

football accused of founder Wang Xinhong former VISIONSOFT technical director ((the main responsibility for the product architecture, research and development, integration and test). Is currently the football CEO, responsible for product technical plan as a whole and server-side development. Team a total of seven people, from other project team members have sports weekly and other professional sports media.

in the Football team seems to be, the same products abroad have done best is Forza Football & amp; Onefootball, these are the two combine football data information + + video and feel very clearly the two products. The Onefootball since 2009 has been in Europe for level of more than tens of millions of users, and not less than $12 million in financing. Domestically, watch understand ball emperor, tencent game and so on all have their own user base. football then want to do, is more to the game and specialization to explore , have the different style to avoid homogeneity.

football point positioning and don’t want to stick on the pure football data and information, accurately speaking, hope that the future direction of the product is a game to game development, let the user feel a sense of immersion. From this level, the future with quizzes/race combination of products, there will be a bigger play space. Founder team has completed in June, millions of angel financing. Football with Android version will be launched in Europe at the beginning of the new season.

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