For class the content is free open IT education industry tool?

mu class, English as the MOOC, meaning for the massive open online courses, is a loanword. Also follow to, both at home and abroad hot, and recent online education, the media and the public are talking about. The hot startup a batch after batch, giant to join also make the industry more lively.

although longed for class network up a longed for class, but he is not the industry education website, currently only perpendicular to the Internet IT field, do IT skills learning community. To speaking and longed for class relation, that is, he is all of the courses are free. Comply with the positioning for open class to share.

known IT to have classes online education site, Michael, I win the workplace sites, such as their location is also slightly different. Classes located in vertical pan IT kind of education field, Michael network focused on the direction of the mobile Internet. I win more to do in the workplace is packaged IT education and employment services. Have their respective characteristics, and longed for class network positioning is vertical IT technology learning community on the Internet. Want to give everyone equal opportunity to learn.

in class for the team’s opinion, true education should not be cramming, to get the real skills, must be the focus of the learning process. Not only as a business. On the product shape should be a tool to add community model, system had viscosity allows users to learn.

during the product experience, cloud network found hunting for class network product experience is good, interaction and community patterns also are very exquisite. Course quality is given priority to with dry, not sloppily. Video content is cut into a short video, facilitate learning, will not give users a lot of study pressure. Will be equipped with online courses in programming practice. Practice and learn more conducive to grasp of the content. Although the content is good, but the current course quantity and too little. Compared to other sites, in the future for class web content construction need more time.

at the moment, the domestic education industry can be roughly divided into this a few kinds of degree education, K12 education, language education, IT kind of education. Education is the key to obtain certificate of record of formal schooling, K12 education the key is the parents’ choice. Language class is the test or to go abroad. IT is the key lies in the user to learn, and the quality of the products will be decided to a great voice.

but IT online education really is the user see several video can go to work, a little too naive? To say the great advantage of online education, which he had cut the cost of the user study. But you must know this matter itself and human inertia. How many stick, the user’s own binding is crucial. Online education, it presages education industry new spring, finally need. For the future, still have to wait and see.
Basic information

company: Beijing lesson for science and technology center (limited partnership)


lesson for network

time: August 2013

location: Beijing, dongcheng district

stages: initial

fields: education training

abstract: longed for class network positioning in vertical Internet IT technology learning community. Want to give everyone equal opportunity to learn, do not do rote learning. In mu class, you can find the best people of Internet technology, can also use the free online public courses leading IT technology of the Internet.

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