For fingerprint identification over bowl of cold water Biometrics has safety problem

on May 19, hunting cloud network

send top’s new fingerprint identification, sparked a wave of small high tide, in the industry as apple fingerprint sensor performance, the supply of the future is expected to $5 listen to feel the android to rise; The voiceprint recognition has been mature, Google is rushing to brush “face” technology news also let everyone of biological recognition technology, like a biometric immediately that will revolutionize the world.

actually otherwise, biometric technology will be hard to replace the password after all, become the core security technology.

send show several fingerprint identification model.

biological recognition for machine is difficult to break, but people independently controllable low

first in terms of performance, we really do not need to question the current and future ability of biological recognition technology, we can also be very sure the size, the sensitivity and security of the biometric can be widespread popularity.

but all this can only guarantee the safety of the machine language, and when we use biometric security technology at the same time, also the password, because the password is part of your body.

imagine, when a person is asleep or more ecstacy fan dizzy by the outlaw, he can also control has won your “password”? Obviously not. Even if using other higher difficulty of biological recognition technology, but for professional criminals, than the original password technology good “crack”! Live your machine only recognition, people will give you do like living. And even if the “human password” helpless for you, to rise up the evil intention, destroy the flamboyant live password?

so, biological recognition technology will not replace the original password technology.

core digital password in biometric password is only applicable to specific quick scene

as a result, we are still not slack, the core of digital encryption technology needs further research and development to improve according to the original schedule. And biometric technologies also won’t be broken, after all “offline rob password” the frequency and efficiency of this kind of matter much smaller than phishing.

just biological recognition technology to bring us more obvious safety threat, a large trading scene still needs to be more cautious attitude, in the field of digital password is password security always the most important one annulus. And biological recognition technology is only applicable to small lines, public scene, convenient operation.

such as shopping malls to brush the phone for fingerprint recognition, improve the trade security; At home and online transactions, only biometric security clearly or is concerned, different collocation number password, order entry feature is a better choice.

there is no denying that the emergence of biometric technology will be a huge change to the market, at least in the digital network, will greatly reduce the influence of site fishing, DNS tampering with, hackers will be difficult to capture your password information, make the Internet safer.

of course, the security will there is a time limit, safety technology at the same time, the security technology will follow, is just a matter of time. But these security technology research and development and operation will make the threshold of the criminals become higher, greatly reduce the risk of users threatened.

the password of biometric technology to bring us more convenient property safety protection, will bring more new convenient operation experience for everyone, it is a sunrise industry needs large continuous investment and development, has brought the industry boundless imagination.

but expose security code in the hope to the public, (not the ferrous) yaw of the human body, is obviously not desirable!