For nokia mobile phones don’t lose heart Push the android smart desktop

June 21 —

the nokia mobile phone business, has been integral to the Microsoft, however, nokia’s development team, for the smartphone market is still “us”. , according to media reports many technology abroad, nokia team has developed a highly intelligent android desktop tools, are currently testing, the functions of the innovation of the desktop, will keep the cell phone use up more clearly, say goodbye to the clutter.
This desktop tool called “desktop” Z (Z – the Launcher), in view of the android operating system. Desktop is a small scale test, has yet to announce when the nokia will provide the official version of the download.
Foreign media commentary pointed out that can be seen from the android desktop, although nokia has said goodbye to the mobile phone business, but it did not completely abandon the smartphone market.
Use the android users will have the impression that the android mobile phone software icon is very chaotic, users sometimes need in a large number of ICONS, struggling to search what you want to open the software.
The Z desktop, will focus on solve the problem of android software ICONS chaos. Also will be according to the intelligent judgment, make the right software ICONS appear in the right time and place, sometimes in the user search plan, before automatic ahead of time.
After users to get up early in the morning, for example, the desktop will prioritize white-collar social network Linkedin, Gmail email tool, and user navigation to drive Google (weibo) map icon, and rest in the evening, the desktop will show social network Facebook, online music service company, and the client video site Youtube.
According to the report, the desktop to the habit of users using a mobile phone software to track and analyze, thus the user display to the phone in advance before using the table.
Even if is not commonly used software, android users don’t flip around looking for like the past. Users can directly the first letter in the desktop input software, software icon will automatically appear, if there are no search results, can enter the second and third letters.
If you want to open the photo sharing site Pinterest, for example, a user can enter the letter “P” and “I”, because the other game software “plants vs zombies” the first letter is “P”. If the number of users to search, the desktop will be intelligent memory, directly after the first letter in the input Pinterest icon.
The home page of the desktop, the interface is clean, the user can see the information such as time, date, and the schedule. Click time will enter the clock android software, click schedule is entering the android software built-in calendar. The rest of the desktop area, the place of a few ICONS of the software.
According to some mirrors used desktop users, this tool is impressive, although also is only beta version, but rarely encounter problems in the operation of the desktop.
After the rapid fall in the smartphone market, nokia will then mobile phone business for more than $50 transferred to Microsoft, the transaction has been completed, the business also has been renamed to “Microsoft mobile division”. New nokia company has three business, online digital maps, mobile communication equipment and new technology research and development and licensing, etc.
But nokia is still engaged in several research projects related to mobile phones and mobile devices. In early June, nokia’s semiconductor energy research institute, announced a new research and development of OLED display, can be folded like a book. But the news that apple’s smart watches, in the upcoming also could use the folding screen, but not necessarily by nokia.
It is worth mentioning that mobile phone desktop software, also be regarded as an important entrance of mobile Internet. If nokia desktop for android users welcome, nokia will be able to use the desktop “portal” special status, to promote digital maps, and other Internet services.

source: tencent technology