For the first time in history, Bill Gates is no longer a Microsoft’s largest individual shareholder

a Bill Gates underweight Microsoft stock again. After reducing its gates owns 330.1 million shares, has less than 333 million shares held by former Microsoft CEO Steve ballmer. This is the first time since starting Microsoft, gates “losing” Microsoft’s largest individual shareholder status.

gates for many years continuously reduce Microsoft shares (average holdings of 80 million shares per year), will the proceeds donated to husband and wife jointly organized the foundation of bill & amp; Melinda gates foundation, is engaged in global health charity. Microsoft experience has the second transition, this year Steve ballmer’s resignation, Della took over as the new CEO, gates has left his position on the Microsoft chairman of the board. But Microsoft said gates will serve as “consultants”, and to spend more time on the Microsoft business.

gates holds Microsoft shares is less than 4%. Of course he goes back to Microsoft at the time of holding the most start-up stage. By two Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded. Initially, Alan 2011 recalls, he should think and gates equally split 50-50 share, but gates accepted into June persuade Alan, because Allen have salary can get (receive) from the MITS Altair manufacturers, later gates is further cuts in 64-36 into Allen’s market share.

does not reduce its Microsoft shares after Steve ballmer’s resignation. Resignation plans announced last August when he once wrote in a letter to all the Microsoft people “I cherish their own ownership, Microsoft is expected to continue to maintain the Microsoft shares one of the largest holder of identity.”