For the travelers to rent a room, zha to the value of $10 billion?

thanks to the hard TechCrunch, from, growing company has completed a new round of up to $500 million – $4.5 of financing. The core business is for travelers looking for a short-term rental “intermediary”, has the current valuation of more than $10 billion.

someone whose goal is to provide tourists with interesting, very unique houses from around the world to accommodation. It allows any house owner will own short-term rent to travelers. Through an build platform, visitors can easily find your mind lodging place; Have you any vacant (spare) room and resources, and the thought of modern (pro, don’t want to) homeowners, can choose short-term rental to obtain benefits. Overall, it seems to take a taxi service providers Uber previously introduced Uber X business alike – allow the driver to use its own business time, to work to make money.

$10 billion valuation is what concept? This means that the reality is far better than many of the world established business hotel brands are valuable. , for example, manages 7500 hotels under the wyndham hotel group has $9.3 billion valuation; Hyatt hotel’s market value is $8.4 billion.

it is understood that this round of financing by TPG led. The private fund has invested in Uber.

an why so valuable? Cloud network editor you hunting for your summarized the following:

first, from the macroscopic, fused several very promising industry concept, differential positioning. online travel, Internet property for lease, notting have is not the most “money in industry. Traditional industry in the era of the Internet and mobile Internet, it is necessary to reform. Online travel and there are already some giant online for lease industry, and the pattern of commercial reality combine both closely, entered a vertical, but get two fields “combination advantage. In view of this, an inherited a lot of investors.

second, focus on the specific business reality, we find that the nature on the website of the housing intermediary, using their own big data platform, for tourists and private rental housing, provides a transparent trading information, solved the housing intermediary industry information learned the “wrong”, etc. in addition, more important is the , growing company provides a good user experience. rent, Clinton both sides of the information is updated in real time, and can make use of mobile terminal applications provide timely feedback to customers.

look from the capital market, now is the best of the Internet startup development opportunity. We are “stand in the draught of the pig”, but only those who can provide a novel “story”, and be able to transform the “story” speak real good startup, can eventually become a “day peng commander-in-chief”.