Forbes: Microsoft push cheap Android phone is a fool

“next one billion” has become a popular slogan smartphones and mobile Internet. Except apple almost all of the manufacturers, in the launch of cheap phone strategy, the development conference, Google Android One appearance, also totally unexpected.

after Microsoft launched the company independent decisions first android cheap phones Nokia X2. A Forbes article points out that Microsoft USES the android phones, excavation market in developing countries, this kind of behavior is “dangerous and foolish”, Microsoft should actually be pushing WP system of cheap mobile phones.

cheap android, Microsoft to Google android changes significantly, change the WP system of colored squares style user interface, Microsoft’s own software services, also become the protagonist of promotion.

the Forbes article points out the occupation’s use of the android mobile phone some problems in emerging markets:

first of all, Microsoft has android package WP “skin”, this kind of behavior is very similar to the Chinese mainland appeared like a cheap android phones apple iPhone, if Microsoft wants its users of android cheap machine, think oneself in the use of the WP system, so this can only bring bad reputation WP system.

second, Microsoft hope that through the android mobile phone, let android developers familiar with WP interface color squares, and promote the android software ported to WP ecology. Historically, however, to a large number of portable to other platforms android software strategy was not successful.

for WP user, use the android software, both in the hardware button or menu style, very different, the user experience is very bad, this kind of behavior is a Microsoft admitted that WP software quantity is not enough, it will also further reassure the enthusiasm of developers WP application.

in addition, if it is as a backup “plan B”, developed by Microsoft android understandable, but should be tested in private, rather than a high-profile foreign launch. As owners of WP, Microsoft using android software, to make the android mobile phone, can send a message: it is that the Microsoft is have no confidence in their own platform, which can make more consumers and developers, weaken the enthusiasm for WP.

the Forbes article also cheap phone strategy for Microsoft, put forward some Suggestions:

first of all, should be geared to the needs of developing countries launch cheap WP phone, rather than the android mobile phone. Earlier, Microsoft WP system after the upgrade, can be good for low-end hardware support, the $159 before Lumia630 nokia handset, the user experience did smooth, fluency as MOTOROLA Moto E cheap mobile phones.

in addition, Microsoft’s X series mobile phone, used the android 4.3 system, its performance and efficiency as well as android 4.4.

on the application of ecological, Microsoft and apple Google wasn’t on a class. Microsoft’s top priority, therefore, is to shop Windows and WP8 software to merge. Before reports that Microsoft has had a similar plan, but the action is too slow. The two platforms are not attractive enough for developers, but combined market prospect is not small, through merger, can improve application number, this kind of behavior is better than to go with android applications.

Forbes article points out that Microsoft launched the android mobile phone, long ambition of the Google, destroyed their power and prestige of WP, but this kind of behavior should stop immediately. NokiaX mobile phone test, should be within Microsoft, and should not be sold to the public, Microsoft should not be to outside the impression, that is to launch android phone will be a long-term strategy.

the author points out that, to make matters worse, the Nokia – X2 mobile phones, and before X, performance is bad, it will corrupt the Microsoft mobile phone business reputation. (dawn)

source: tencent technology