Ford using the Oculus VR virtual reality technology design

guide language: online Saturday according to Forbes magazine, ford has begun to use virtual reality technology to design and development of the car, and the equipment used is from Oculus VR has been Facebook acquisitions.

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when Facebook announced in March, $2 billion deal to buy virtual reality Oculus VR when wearing equipment manufacturers, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) has said, hope to apply virtual reality technology up to a industry. The personage inside course of study, since whether enterprise can in the proper way to use virtual reality technology.

the U.S. auto giant ford has given a clear answer: yes, virtual reality technology to push the car design revolution.

the personage inside course of study thinks, in multiple industries, virtual reality technology has great potential, but business is don’t have the ability to fully play the potential. Using virtual reality technology, the enterprise can test a variety of scenarios and design, and carried out before completion of product development experience.

since 2000, ford began in a variety of ways in the process of automobile design by using virtual reality technology. But in the past 7 years, 111 – year – old ford started the virtual reality technology in the center of the car development, the company takes advantage of the Oculus Rift helmet technology.

virtual reality and advanced virtualization technology experts, Elizabeth ford longa (Elizabeth Baron) said: “we’re looking for can be perceived quality, the user can see the quality. Before production, we hope to be able to see cars and design, and experience.”

the ford based Lab laboratory achieved this goal. In this lab, some employees to wear virtual-reality helmet, observation and simulation, a car and their colleagues will be able to through the big screen to view their experience. These employees can simulate sit in a car, because when wearing virtual reality helmet around easily makes people lost.

longa, said: “we have built a large room, in which ‘experience’ cars. Has a huge projection wall in the room, which integrates a 15 x9 feet, 4 k resolution display.”

usually ford design meeting for half an hour to a few hours, 30 to 40 people from the design and the engineering department will take part in different agendas. Ford executives in all over the world will attend the meeting through video equipment.

ford using virtual reality technology to check the whole car exterior and interior design, and view the specific details, such as instrument panel and interior trim panels. The virtual reality technology to connect to ford’s CAD system.

by virtual reality technology, the developer can observe many of the details, such as the location, size and brightness lights, and other design elements of the position and shape. Just last year, ford is using this technology to inspect the more than 135000 of the 193 virtual car prototype in detail.

longa, said: “people perception of an object is very delicate, so we are in a variety of different conditions to see a car in a virtual way, such as simulation and bright during the day, cloudy weather, and at night, understand the appearance of the car looks under these conditions.”

the ford technology design process usually start from the simple sketch, then gradually developed into the design of the complex, and the introduction of highly specialized engineering technology. At any stage of the design, the ford can introduction of virtual reality technology, testing ideas.

ford using technology from the Oculus VR. After Facebook acquisition Oculus VR, the company has become the attention hot spot. Facebook hopes through the Oculus VR to help businesses and ordinary users communicate and share experiences.

baron believes that other industries can make use of advantage of the virtual reality technology. But she noted that the popularity of virtual reality technology is still a long way to go. “The application of virtual reality technology in the enterprise scale is still small, but I would be glad to attract other industries, including agriculture and participate in the defense industry. Then, we can discuss how to make use of this technology, where in the future.”

at ford, virtual reality technology has a bright future. Ford has built a similar facility in Melbourne, future plans in Germany, China, India and Brazil build similar facilities.

longa, said: “we use the virtual reality technology to solve problems in the design process starts at the beginning of the test. For promoting the correct design, this is a kind of basis functions.”

continues to improve with the virtual reality technology, virtual experience and will be able to achieve better correlation between real experience, so this technology will have great development opportunities.

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