Forecast is coming! The pew: in the next 10 years the Internet four big threat

on July 4, the pew research center’s latest report lists from now to 2025, could threaten the four problems of Internet freedom, including the government intervention, content monitoring, the pursuit of profit, the information overload.

the pew report for the future of the Internet as a whole is optimistic. The institutions surveyed 1400 technical experts, most of people believe that Internet environment won’t is now a huge deterioration in 2025 – but there are still some strong opposition.

these experts from the media, non-profit organizations, enterprises and many other areas. Pew asked them a simple question: people to obtain and share content in 2025 through the Internet way will more dramatic deterioration at present? 35% of respondents answered “yes”, 35% answered “no”. But it is important to note that many of the respondents said that they want to choose “yes” and “no” at the same time two answers, or made clear their answers just represents one kind of hope, rather than predicted.

the pew then ask a question: the biggest threat to the free and open Internet is what? The pew the related the answer boils down to four categories.

the first is worried that the government will continue to destroy the openness of the Internet. In 2012, for example during the Syrian revolution, the country’s Internet has been cut off. The report says, with the passage of time, this kind of behavior may be normalized, appeared more and more blockade and shielding measures.

second, many experts also worry that the ubiquitous Internet monitoring behavior, this may be a chilling effect on the formation of free speech. Law firm Gardere Wynne Sewell Internet law expert Peter Vogel (Peter Vogel) said: “the privacy issues is 2014 years to get and share Internet content is the most serious threat, there is not much reason to think that 2025 is going to change, especially when the network terror threat to Internet users and companies around the world.”

the third big threat is too focused on short-term interests, and ignore the Internet freedom concept. Many telecommunications operators, for example, in violation of the principle of “network neutrality”, some network traffic restrictions. In addition, excessive protection of intellectual property rights belong to the same concerns.

4 big threat is one of the most surprising, that is information overload may restrict content to share. Information, in other words, the number of excessive inflation could we drowned them, can’t find the direction.

to predict the future is not easy, in 2025, the Internet may be more free than now, may be threatened by the above problems, and toward the opposite direction. However, the report went on to help us understand today’s experts the biggest worries for the future. (book Yu)

source: sina science and technology