Foreign media see hammer mobile: not cheap

guide language: the Wall Street journal online edition published stories, said hammer technology Smartisan T1 released this week by Mr Luo referred to as “the most easy to use smartphone” eastern hemisphere. However, the price of this phone is not cheap, so it can attract users still remains to be proven.

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Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) through the iPhone first conquered Chinese wallet, then Chinese entrepreneurs lei jun with millet mobile phone also did that. Now, the former English teacher, because Mr Luo is famous with a hammer refrigerator, also hope to join them.

this week, Mr Luo released his first mobile phone: Smartisan T1. This is by Mr Luo ceos hammer technology to launch a product, has a familiar black appearance, adopted the custom of Android. Now China’s most smartphones using the Android system.

as a result, Mr Luo need to ensure that the difference of the mobile phone. In Beijing on Thursday, after more than two and a half hours of speech, Mr Luo enthusiastic are introduced. He will be the phone called “the most easy to use smartphone” eastern hemisphere, has “the best screen” and “the fastest production mobile CPU”. And in order to appeal to a small part of the Chinese market of consumer groups, he also said that the phone can be used by setting to accommodate left-handed.

for mobile phone which is called “the hammer”, Mr Luo also in packing up and down the kung fu. This kind of mobile phone by the Ammunition Group design, former apple designer Robert brenner (Robert Brunner) is the company’s employees. In addition, this kind of mobile phone of packaging materials from paper supplier James Cropper.

this week released four products similar to the apple product launches. Mr Luo responded with vulgar jokes about his copying apple’s criticism: “if I died from work, I hope not is pancreatic cancer, because people always say we copy jobs.”

this phone will sale in July this year, using 2.5 GHz processor Xiao dragon, size of 141 x68x8. 23 mm. According to the China mobile phone standard, this is a high-end phones, basic price is about 3000 yuan ($480). In contrast, the processor is a bit weak millet 3 phone fare is 1700 yuan only. Mr Luo said the price initially as RMB 4000, but due to the user, the company cut prices.

Mr Luo is the star of the blog in China, he also to lei jun expressed his appreciation. Lei jun until three years ago in the smartphone market, and Mr Luo lei jun is regarded as the industry guide. He said: “I should thank lei jun. Because of him, don’t know much about supplier for mobile phone companies no longer have too much doubt and alert.”

IT analyzed independent consultants Gavin thinks, this kind of mobile phone still need to prove himself. He said: “from the point of all the parameters, this phone is a mainstream product of the current Chinese market. Other brands of mobile phones may only slightly higher than the price of 1000 yuan. Therefore, if the price reach three times, you need to let us feel very good when using the product.”

source: sina science and technology