Former ford CEO Alan mulally joined Google’s board of directors, behind?

Google announced today that the appointment of former ford CEO Alan Mulally, President (Alan Mulally) for Google board members, audit committee worked for Google. Once ocog Microsoft’s third CEO candidate Mr Mulally, why targeted by Google after retirement?

to answer this question, first let’s take a look at Google official said in a release of clues.

larry page of Mr Mulally’s “airborne” purpose, to do the meaningful conclusion: “Allen will bring us proved absolutely effective, successful business model and advanced technology experience”.

for a technology giant is given priority to with the Internet technology, Mr Mulally, obviously will not bring such as a more advanced search algorithm for Google, “Google brain plan” of “experience”. It is important to note that for many years in automotive industry and adept mulally, is Google on-board system alliance can bring a lot of wealth.

it is well known that mulally took over after ford, will be taken away from the edge of the dying, and ford profitability, long-term development. Mr Mulally in car business management and the macro strategy layout, etc., has “to beat” professional ability. In addition, Mr Mulally also in the industry has the extremely precious partners such as human resources. The above two points, the recently introduced Google on-board system as well as the unmanned vehicle, are very important. Is an obvious fact, Mr Mulally is likely to help Google on-board system, bringing in more and more partners; For in the development period of driverless cars find reasonable commercial mode.

another noteworthy is that Mr Mulally after six years’ service in the United States Boeing’s glorious history (executive vice President). In addition, Mr Mulally was also has the national academy of engineering, the members of the Royal Academy of engineering, NASA advisory board member, such as the United States air force of the scientific advisory committee. These tall title, had to let us, Google and Google balloon near earth satellite network such as planning, produce infinite daydream.

it’s interesting that as close friend Steve ballmer, CEO Alan mulally was Microsoft had top candidates. However, has three score and ten mulally doesn’t seem to be very reluctant to Microsoft this muddy water.