Founded 4 years were listed, le tease “brought + improved” how to maintain?

(word/qing nan)

when short stature, suffering from polio Chen Xiangyu single-leg jump to nasdaq bell, reminiscent of the applause, “congratulations, Michael, congratulations to amuse” message also instantly refresh circle of friends. Roadshow process in excess of 20 times subscribed, opening at $17.5, nearly 20%, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, these is worth to win applause.

us listings for a start-up in the Internet industry groups, has become the important moment of a proud and pride. But for the disabled has been Chen Xiangyu struggle, this is more like a natural gift. In 2009, he launched a dream of heaven and earth with high refined linton joint (funny game parent company), from the beginning of the game outsourcing services to do mobile independent distribution platform, up to now, a total of 5 years more time, they have been sent to the company listed on nasdaq. In the midst of this, really do make game main business is in four years’ time.

is this a few years time, happy to make the game gave the impression is released, such as fruit ninja, “temple run” wait for a few, quickly the top domestic leading mobile game platform issue. Landing at important node in the company, it is necessary for us to re-examine the growth of the company secrets, and the next challenge. After all, in the domestic companies scramble by overseas high-quality game products, pursuing for a long time “for + improved” mode of the funny face greater competition.

happy make unique business model

in any enterprise success factors, the management team and capital occupies a very important component. Chen Xiangyu and high refined linton clear division of labor, the keen market judgment and efficient execution is the primary factor, in addition, lenovo star angel injection solved early money problems, etc. These are important, but this is not want to say today, I would like to summarize from the business model, the in the core, is music to amuse to + “improved” ability, specific see is the control force, technology, and the content of user requirement analysis based on large data capacity.

happiness make positioning for publishers, connection is a link between developers and users, the key is for game developers to provide an integrated service, including product distribution, promotion, operation, the game service, social connections, account management, etc. Domestic mobile game started early blowout, the music make it becomes very important in the value chain.

actually, music to amuse the parent company issued a dream the heavens and the earth began to not to do the most, but playing games outsourcing service, in the process accumulated the massive overseas game developer resources, this ensures that the music to make subsequent do distribution business can get distribution rights with a cheaper price.

music to amuse the works rely mainly on the agent, tested the market abroad and very successful product introduction domestic (si), by inside and outside the two channels of distribution operation. Until now, the outside more than 300 channels of distribution, such as the app store and mobile pre-installed channels, etc.; Their own distribution channels mainly include in-game cross-promotion and independent operation and the “music to make the game center” of the swim YuWang.

to be sure, happy to make the game introduced by products will have the source code, based on its own research and development ability point billing for game redesign and optimization of pricing strategy, that is to do with the localization of secondary development (reformism), different versions of the products for different channel characteristics. Such as baidu post bar users against launching the subway parkour, against tencent platform to launch “fruit ninja” social version of the universal cut fruit.

on the product screening, stir to casual games, to facilitate the rapid increase player base, and build the casual games in the subsequent operation and relation between the combination mode of the game, to achieve the user conversion. Now, moderately severe game product basic is the local IP, the revenue is still weak.

it is high-value, based on this model, to lay the music to make users and revenue growth, and support. Look at a few simple data: monthly active users from 2012 Q1 5.6 million Q1 this year increased to 98.3 million; Revenue rose 1172% in 2013. The growth of the other more data is not a tautology.

challenge and opportunity

enter the capital market, after testing music stir again stand at a new starting point, value and business growth potential in the future. For the current music to amuse, also all is not smooth.

first of all, happy to amuse the revenue depends heavily on the old products. Fruit ninja, “temple run”, “subway run cool” is the TOP3 in game combination, for the most part to make contribution to the revenue. About 46 game operations in 2013, “temple run” is only 41.9% of the total revenue contribution to the game (41.7% of the company’s total revenue), TOP3 accounted for 85.9% of total revenue in the game. Even if Q1 this year, with the total water as the new revenue after the game to join (accounted for 30.7% of total revenue in game), TOP3 still contribute 57.3% of total revenue in the game. Avoid short products, new product sharing revenue task will be important to solve the problem.

second, as domestic tour industry competition intensifies, hand each big companies for overseas products, which makes music to amuse can choose space sharply reduced, competition increased obviously. The competition on the third party channel. For a long time in the past, it will be cut off to make high-quality goods issue to the survival of mode.

however, happy to make the game from the beginning of the year also gradually adjusted, began to enter the industrial chain upstream, involved in game development “create food”. As a subsidiary of shenzhen wing swam (86.5%) and shenzhen zhuo (90.9%) to develop the leisure sports racing game “speed speed”; And the fixed pay severance pay third party games, follow-up does not provide revenue sharing.

in terms of channels, music make plans on the SNS platform represented by WeChat distribute some of the games. At present, the music to amuse is collaborating with developers Halfbrick, tencent, will launch a mobile phone QQ version and WeChat fruit ninja, and observed the payment system.