Foxconn is not just a contract, it is patent giant, Google are looking for it for patent

if you only see foxconn as a OEM producers that would be wrong. The deserved overlord in the field of global foundry with a strong research and development ability and the skill of “patent”.

it is reported that foxconn recently sold to Google a patent, trade amount is unknown. But the report says these patents mainly involves “communications”.

reported that foxconn has 64300 patents worldwide, and about the same amount of patent pending applications, its stock of patents is far more than a large number of cell phone manufacturers, to the level of technology giants. According to Manhattan patent consultants Envision IP, foxconn was one of America’s largest 20 patent owners.

of course, we know there are differences between patent, some patent more critical. But from Google needs to be bought from a foxconn patents to enrich the library view, its patent is very high. This is not the first time that Google from foxconn bought the patent, last year Google had bought from a foxconn head-mounted display patent technology.

as a generation of dominant industry, foxconn to serve a large number of top global manufacturers, apple’s iPhone, SONY PlayStation, etc all kinds of electronic equipment are manufactured by foxconn. Foxconn, apple is the biggest client, accounting for 40% of the total contract amount. Given that apple consistently seek diversification of supply chain to and undertake OEM orders (part), foxconn is actively seeking business diversification, get rid of the over-reliance on orders for apple. Currently proposed, such as LCD screen, electronic parts business.

sell patent authorization, is also a good way of diversification.