Foxconn laugh at samsung, LG, qu bing is only designed for user’s ass!

samsung and LG in order to compete for the title of “number one qu bing mobile phone manufacturer and nasty red eye, and look in foxconn CEO terry gou, qu bing is an object of scorn. He said he couldn’t understand this is only “bottom design” consumer products, what is worth the value of the competition.

“people were talking about, wow, the display can also become bent! But they forget that the practicability of equipment is the first.” Gou’s company shareholder meeting said on Wednesday.

samsung and LG were presented by previous curved screen smartphone. A very important gou for innovation, for this technology is not too cold.

gou, he joined the two companies had held an exhibition, where he asked why salespeople need a curved display.

“they explained that if men want to put a large mobile phone in their jeans trouser pocket, it must be able to adapt their hips,” gou laughters continued: “you can imagine, this is ranked one of the best enterprises in the display field in the world to make explanations. Yes, for the sake of the user’s butt.”

gou also rejected when their sales point – called curved screen mobile phone easier to use. “Are you listening to your phone, or look at your phone? Most of the time, you should see a mobile phone. So, if you look at mobile phone, then why do you need a curved screen? If this is a curved screen, then you will not be able to see clearly display effect.”

this is not the first time gou against south Korean rivals. According to the report, he has vowed to defeat the rival samsung in the display industry.

despite sneers gou, some analysts prefer equipped with curved display mobile phone. “The phone itself to bending can be easier to save,” Flex of LG mobile phone technology department said, “it makes mobile phone feel more ‘high-end’ than it actually was.”

foxconn plans, through your smartphone innovation to deal with its rivals. Gou on Wednesday said the company is developing a built-in has a 35000000 megapixel camera, and don’t have like the samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom so prominent on the back.