Foxconn’s $2.2 million investment in Facebook “southeast Asia”

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, foxconn has hit a $220 investment in Singapore Project Goth mig33 be company’s social network.

mig33 be officially released in 2005, is a comprehensive social networking platform similar to Facebook. In addition, the mobile version of mig33 be also provide users with free VoIP function. Since the launch, the social network of users have already spread around the world in 200 cities (primary users in southeast Asia), number of active users 3.8 million. Mig33 be across the Web, Android, iOS, blackberry, and other operating platform.

this February mig33 be buy Hong Kong celebrities AliveNotDead social network, which created jointly by the famous actor Daniel wu and others.

more mutual agreement, points out that if the Project Goth company successfully listed on the Australian stock exchange, foxconn will conduct a new round of up to $7.4 million in investment, the shares held by the expanded to 19.9%.

as the world’s biggest hardware suppliers, foxconn: why do you want to invest in a social network? Analysts believe that this helps foxconn to software and services. All along, the foxconn hope can come on the title of “low profit foundry factory. In addition to the cooperative development and Firefox, blackberry smart devices, foxconn’s recent plans involving the server domain. Social applications, as in the field of mobile Internet, one of the most powerful growing industries, can be provided to a certain extent foxconn ability in the field of software and services.

for mig33 be on foxconn a neither money nor “andie” lack of marketing ability, will undoubtedly increase their power in the increasingly fierce social applications wars.