(free) entrepreneurship courses, pull hook network CEO madelung share

cloud network hunting entrepreneurial public network CEO madelung textbook issue invitation to pull hook and share the story about the pull hook.

pull hook network as the industry leader in the emerging recruitment website, with the eight short months valuations do hundreds of millions, pull hook net success quickly recruitment website a wave of copycat boom in the industry. Pull hook team is how to do it? What is the unforgettable story. And listen to the madelung began.

this share guest: pull hook network CEO madelung

madelung is 3 w coffee co-founder, before starting 3 w coffee, madelung worked in tencent company is engaged in the products.

subject: new opportunities for the market, how to pull hook do eight months valuation $

time: July 5, at 2 PM on Saturday

location: financial street parkson shopping center CITS changan tower 10 layer camel town (subway station port B) sparkles

friendship support: slob connected actor IT ear wire drawing activities Internet salon will support site: the camel town

limit number: 50 people (completely free)

activity agenda:

14 points – 15 speaker
15-16 point audience questions, answer guest
16 points – tea, free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system, participants are requested to fill out the registration information, thank you, lovely

attendees QQ communication group 169251298 (please indicate the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses add)