Fresh electricity Letv layout, launched on August 18, happy life

(wen xuan/day)

in the layout of the smart TV ecosystem, involved in alcohol after electricity, Letv and put into the agricultural market. The latest information shows that Letv prepares for the electric dealer market into fresh class, independent electric business platform of life ( is expected to be launched on August 18.

at the end of last year, Letv launched the eco-agriculture plan, and established the first in linfen in shanxi ecological agriculture base. According to introducing, this is a set of nursery stock, fruits and vegetables, flowers and other modern agricultural production, fresh agricultural products, agricultural science and technology development and promotion, e-commerce of tourism in the integration of the whole industrial cluster. From this perspective, Letv agricultural commodity electric business platform is also understandable, is more focused on the fresh market.

today, fresh in the field of electric dealer market is recognized as vertical electrical contractor under a blue ocean, including motion, jingdong, orchards, originally life everyday, no. 1 shop and I buy nets are conducting active layout. Is still in the early market breed level, this may also be in Letv opinion into a good opportunity.

hunting cloud network query information, happiness life for fun parent company see the Internet ecological agriculture (Beijing) co., LTD., a registered capital of 50 million yuan, the legal representative li, it is also a joy depending on its wine the legal representative of the e-commerce sites net wine net. From this side, happy life will form synergies with mesh wine.

from the current information shows that it has been reported in the media, head of the happy life now for Jiang Zheng, who formerly was living as deputy general manager, has certain experience on food and electricity.

as you can imagine, life will rely on enjoyed regards ecological layout, and other business group to produce synergistic effect. For example, in Letv super TV television screens, le networks of mobile terminal, and the next Letv mobile phone has a important entrance. Among them, the launch electric business channel, do targeted content recommendation based on features of big data, implement the TV order. In addition, or with the aid of Letv pictures, television, star resources such as brand marketing.

class in electrical goods, happy life with the first should be to promote agricultural base resources, but in the later will take for external cooperation mode expansion category.

now, happy life, there is no obvious advantages in terms of logistics distribution. For fresh products focus on timeliness, how to compress the delivery time at low cost, solve the last mile will be the platform of the biggest challenges in the future.