Friends said lei jun: his best you don’t understand

hunting cloud network (note: the author Liang Ning is a friend of lei jun, he from lei jun, some experience is summarized in the past, many people discuss millet pattern, also in the learning mode of millet, but many people learn won’t be the reason for this is that there is no perfectly, and lei jun has always been a man of perfection.

the author: Liang Ning (WeChat ID: spare flower water record)

today, micro letter circle of friends have a problem. Jingdong currently valued at $30 billion, millet same price. If your money can only buy a stock, which you buy?
For me, this question is very simple.
I hold a golden hill, YY, cheetahs. To others the explanation was simple, lei jun now state, like the red light in the casino as road. So, his eyes closed with it.

recently met a bunch of traditional enterprise, said to do * * of millet. Such as mask of millet, shoes, millet purifier millet, millet intelligent bracelets…
Online has a big wave interpretation of millet and lei jun articles, such as that lei jun’s character and destiny, opening said: “he more carefully, like balance… “
On Friday, also talk to blog Chinese sweet summer millet why success. She took a millet mobile phone ask me, “who in the extreme, what do you think?”

I like Xu Haofeng novel, because the other martial arts novel the author only kungfu moves and power. Only Xu Haofeng, write now, people use feeling.
He An Zhao Xinchuan teaches “the Taoist mountain” in tai chi chuan, let him touch her back each muscle. Zhao Xinchuan said: “in fact taijiquan is only one, is that you touch the electromotive force. Wild horses mane, herself through kind of style, just we solicit students, feed their families.”
Kung fu, born from loading all of the muscular system electromotive force.

I remember in 1998, kingsoft to LeiJunFa 200000. Lei jun all throws in the stock market, after a period of time, was 600000.
One day, lei jun said: “I sold the stock. Months of 400000, stocks make money too easy, can let a person fight deviation. I will focus on jinshan thing.”
He said, you don’t ask me, why the 600000?
He easily said: “I go to my Alma mater, wu3 da4. I’m not the person to contribute most to the Alma mater, but the shortest time to give back to his Alma mater after graduation. I should be the first graduation less than 10 years in our school, students back to school to donate money.”
I, the concept of that year, he should be ten thousand a month. And he donated to his Alma mater, is almost all his cash.

in 2004, excellence in the amazon. Lei jun became a multimillionaire.
With lei jun’s own words, had the money, not in the house not to change, the first thing to do, gave the money to his brothers.
Among them, a give li3 xue2 ling2 8.27 million. I speculate that it should be 25% of all his money.

one day in 2010, to meet with lei jun. Lei jun says, two days before the registration of a company, plans to start a business.
I said, why ah?
And he said, don’t tell you.
I am angry, you tell me what you want to start a business, then say don’t tell me what to do. Will you chat?
Lei jun says, well, if done, you will know. If do wrong, alas…… Only just finish company registration, is about to open a dry, excited mood, want to talk about.

then I turn and li3 xue2 ling2 say it.
Li3 xue2 ling2 asked me the first sentence, you don’t put money?
I said, all did not say what he…
Li3 xue2 ling2 say, you are stupid… Ray always went so many companies, saw so many opportunities and team. The choice of one thing, he is not investment, but make yourself… Do you still use to ask? He must be a very confident big business!

so, to judge a man by words, is a literary youth syndrome. Like the martial arts movie, action the most beautiful is the male leading role. In fact, really don’t play.

later, know his mobile phone to do. He said his feelings. I said
To a mobile phone store, I saw a pile of brand shop.
NOKIA, dozens of phone, hang a wall; Motorola, dozens of phone, hang a wall; Samsung, dozens of phone, hang a wall; SONY Ericsson, dozens of phone, hang a wall…
Only apple, only a phone, coldly.
I felt the plumes of murderous look.

a product, take out the small digital camera phone + best model.
Single winner.

I said, if you really want to do mobile phone, then do a. Because, a dozen however, make a pile, or a dozen however.
Lei jun did not answer.

but he did more passionate, more thoroughly.
Not only a mobile phone.
Channel has a, millet’s official website.

the day before yesterday and going to do a digital products business friends to chat. I said I demand for his product is not rigid, he said that he and lenovo, amoi has a very good relationship. You can also cooperation with Hellokitty, swarovski, etc…
I want to say, that the millet over the mobile phone companies, this is become weak.

we imagine, a mobile phone brand of dozens of phone is how to.
A pile of product manager, a pile of market analysis report: women demand for mobile phones, business people demand for mobile phones, fashionable demand for mobile phones, game enthusiasts demand for mobile phone…
A pile of channel manager, to heap channel value and condition: telecommunication enterprises bundled, group sales, chain stores, e-commerce…
It is very important to everyone, everyone has to persuade the boss of the data and charm…
Which, however, the boss will be cut off for those dazzling relies on the possibility of psychology, and get away with.
Everything, in a product, a channel.
All in!

so, millet how perfectly.
Don’t look at style, the externalized configuration table and advertisement.
Put on you first of all, you know that feeling.

drop the fear.
A recruit students to death.

at that time, you know, to what extent, is not enough or not enough or not enough. Should also be again a little bit better again good again a little bit better again.

if you dare not face to face with a recruit, not the fate of life or death.

so there is a word.
“If a man unknown, concentrate on practice sword.”

so, those who say to do what what millet of traditional enterprise, I will ask him, if you do a cut away all the category, which bet on? If you cut off all channels only website, how do you do?
This help bosses tend to explain why a lot of, what what what what must be retained. I thought, that even if again buy a word of mouth marketing ability of legend, nature also can’t help you.
You don’t have struggled to hone can put on their life and death.
It is still a traditional enterprise with a lot of luck, and fear.
Not a millet.

two explanations:
All Numbers for long time, there may be deviation. People are not allowed to scold.
And XuYingJie Josh reunited, he encouraged me to write. I say my ideal is to write Xu Haofeng that novel. He sent a today his review of “the Taoist mountain” to me, I want to reply to him, and to write more and more with this article.