From Chinese fake feelings to copy in the progress of millet

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the legend (millet)

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just because added a steel plate to the mobile phone

you are closer to the apple looks

conference that day we can finally meet each other

and the concept of plagiarism was a

when you think of the apple

you encountered when samsung

when you see the hammer

when you think of feelings

would rather believe a generation of the second generation better

after the millet mobile phone won’t fever

would rather believe that the three generations of mobile phone better

in addition to the legendary steel what

before the official start of this article, let’s say a group of crazy preach jokes: recently in friends words millet conference, Michael asked luo hammer: feelings brother, where the copy? Hammer said: I’m beat, just copy to double glass, steel ring is really don’t want to copy, too obvious! Brother, where are you copy? Michael said, you have to put this, I copied to the rims of the iphone 5, and copy the samsung after shell, incidentally also copy hand ring, otherwise their old said I cannot copy the new things! By the way, and copy your feelings, old younger brother don’t normal.

from “long skill with barbarians” to the shanzhai culture

may the jokes a lot of people have seen recently, jokes some shocking, completely is 4 and a hammer with millet mobile phone copy iPhone about this point. Actually talk about plagiarism, China’s modern industry really has no more than out of the line, before the qing dynasty, China’s science and technology and productivity has been among the top of the world, especially in the Ming dynasty, the world capitalism bud was born in our China. But to speak of modern including modern China, people in Europe and America is our teacher, the result of the industrial revolution was first achieved a measure to produce goods, on the other hand also greatly promote the development of industrial production technology. European countries started early in this respect, precipitation technology has a long history, we have no way to not follow the example of the west, until now, after all, the somebody else all technology represents the highest productivity.

so, the qing dynasty’s “long skill with barbarians” the idea that, until now also is applicable, so, since the 80 s of reform and opening up is in fact a process of learning, said is not good to listen some jokes in the so-called “plagiarism”, no copying, probably, there is no made in China, made in China is already a world phenomenon, statistics show that in 2010 China can each year for every one of the global production of 3 pairs of shoes. , of course, even if plagiarism also no mouth thick, after all, in accordance with the Chinese aesthetic concept of fashion goods are not suitable for foreigners, going into foreign markets, products must be in accordance with the standards of abroad to manufacture, so there are many domestic foundries, produce goods according to the requirements of foreign businesses, namely, export and sale in domestic market.

contract learned of a complete set of production technology, does not have a own brand, feel sorry to his elders, counterfeit brand comes. From price to the consumption status of appearance is more suitable for Chinese people, these fake brands in the domestic mainstream brand instead, former Chicago bulls famous basketball star, known as flying Michael Jordan in the mentioned he single-handedly created the Jordan brand, will be unable to control your emotions and weeping. Know Jordan should know this brand, foreign Jordan was split legs shot, curled up domestic Jordan is leg shooting, trademark is the difference between the obvious, but are called Jordan.

copying multiple products at the same time easy to get lost

some digress, today we say is millet, bedding is to show in front of millet copying apple is understandable, because domestic industrial environment is such a situation. , of course, the elder brother is not to defend the millet, millet plagiarism is really came as a surprise, from one product ok, copying multiple products at the same time easy to get lost myself.

in fact, the presence of 4 meters have let many people start bad-mouthing millet, millet, after all, the fourth generation completely with the image of the previous three generations of fever is an obvious difference in temperament, presumably because users often said millet burning hot’s sake, to change the steel plate edge, hey, this is the meaning of the joke. Clearly understand the product friends, just to look good on the side of the steel bar with handle? Its main function is to cushion the impact of landing mobile phones, if you are the apple fell down is lateral and landing of edge, certainly not falling apart like other phone, this is apple product concept.

copy is always have different

on the other hand, when it comes to copying this concept, in fact, not all people can copy, we often say that imitate a person can make or some kind of behavior of the surface, but you is you, you are not him, two people’s temperament, character and expression is can’t be exactly the same, this is the parody program only imitate the cause of the stars of the show. So many phones, including millet, even in copying star product concept, but there are still a big difference.

like apple mobile phone, from the birth of the first generation to September this year the upcoming apple the sixth generation, with how many years? Apple mobile phone in 2007, listed in the U.S. on June 29, up to now after more than seven years of time, just released to the sixth generation, and millet less than 3 years is published to the fourth generation. Although the product technology content is not in time to describe, but from the perspective of product ideas to consider, the accumulation of time means that technology accumulation, experience time accumulation of brand and product more easy to trust.

millet concept has transition from a fever to work

in the same way, the birth of a product’s cycle, from the first generation of several generations of the middle, and always change with the change of product concept, this change is likely to make the product research and development of a departure from the purpose of the product design. Concept leads to the change of the product, but also from the view of the mature stage of the product to observe, millet mobile phone released four generation of less than three years’ time, product iteration is really fast enough, but in the fourth generation of just released do see millet no longer guide the fever of this concept, but a beginning to product the idea transformation, but the concept of work can continue to attract fans of millet have a fever?

like playing a lot of machine, they see is the core configuration, appearance is just a concept for the user. Millet mobile phone product idea transformation, therefore, is likely to make its brand value into the discount period, this is probably the start bad-mouthing a cause of millet.

is culture doesn’t have to be brainwashed

the elder brother see a lot of comments about millet mobile phone 4, one of the core competence theory is millet is the “cultural brainwashing”, this is probably from millet for marketing. Millet generation and second generation, indeed gives an illusion is just marketing cattle B, to be honest the quality of the millet is really a pain points, which makes the millet mobile phone has been high quality complaints. But futures mode and the hunger marketing tactics for people as a surprise, the original Internet products can play like this, now, no matter how other phone merchants don’t like millet, millet that a game everyone in the play, pre-sales, futures, fan welfare means and so on are all electric business platform constantly.

for the “cultural brainwashing”, the elder brother was talking about the Internet thinking article also said that the difference between true fans and false fan, “brainwashing” is worldwide, from religion to companies to organize, notting have is not to do so, as a result of “brainwashing” fans, but the premise is to must have impressed the contents of the fans, for millet, cost-effective and enthusiasts is the premise, it apply to domestic consumption status quo, so the rice noodles are willing to constantly pay for millet, is the concept of product affected the cognition of small rice vermicelli, this has to do with whether brainwashed not too big.

millet model focuses on the significance of millet products

although the industry of millet criticized a lot, but there were no millet is probably no phones now big price cuts, overturned because of millet mobile phone industry, so everybody can enjoy less than one thousand yuan of smartphone. For merchants, of course, not just in the study of millet mobile phone product itself, more is because of the operation idea of millet and marketing model. Millet inspired the Internet this concept of thinking, inspired by millet mode, there have been a lot of people in different industries with the model of millet some thinking successfully created a new business model. So, for commercial economy, the value of the millet is not that he is a more than $10 billion worth of enterprise, but the business model of millet success opens the stage of transformation and upgrading of the traditional enterprise business innovation, it is valuable.

then long-winded, unlike apple, millet is always in the use of android, millet does not have its own system, does not have its own chips, does not have its own manufacturing factory, of course all handset vendors, at most is the old factory has its own production base. Future development, millet and other merchant’s product line will extend to a more basic hardware components in the direction of the extension, it was later, even now discuss these don’t have too big significance.

4 of the steel plate for millet legend, let it continue to deduce, maybe in the transformation of the product concept can bring more value for millet, the dental laboratories of steel chain of effects, might be as “a murder case caused by a steamed bread”, just in the movie, based on the promise of a clip, but it has been more fire than the promise.

well, today can way points here, thank you for listening, I can be a way, let’s see you next time.

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