From “process” to “intensive cultivation” : fast into the high-end car market

after months of trial operation, fast taxi has officially launched the positioning in the high-end user’s “number one car”, now the business has been in several big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, and plans to cover the national market in a short time. Fast taxi and car number one will serve as a quick intelligence group, two brands continue to independent operation, general public and in high end two kinds of user groups.

this also means that a taxi fast has become the present domestic only cover a taxi, and at the same time provide business car city travel platform, to establish a complete and efficient modern intelligent urban traffic service system of the target and make a solid step.

so far, the number one car has hundreds of large and medium-sized car rental company and domestic cooperation, through the strict review mechanism to ensure the legality and security of the source of vehicle. All drivers should be through the professional services company to provide and put on record to ensure the safe driving, at the same time to ensure a transparent price system.

compared with the existing taxi cab business quickly, the number one car service crowd and price system has a different positioning, its service vehicles into economical, comfortable model, business model and luxury four categories, such as Volkswagen and gm, BMW and audi, service prices are different due to the types of models, to provide personalized travel service for the high-end crowd.

a taxi fast CEO Lv Chuanwei said, “fast speed for the development of the taxi and car number one more than we expected before, at present the business of monthly revenue level are more than tens of millions of yuan. Due to different user groups positioning, quick take a taxi and car number one brand in the future will maintain independent operation.”

1, general manager of car Li Zumin said, “as in the high-end car brands, car number one is enhancing the capacity of supply at the same time, can also provide users with high quality differentiation services, let users have more city travel choice. One car as vertical business, keep on fast taxi platform high-speed development.”

, according to a taxi fast taxi has occupied the domestic software industry market share of 60%, covering nearly 300 cities in China, including Hong Kong, and in which the driver of more than 100 cities, with fast service, these advantages will be continued for one car after development to provide more convenient.