From that cutting the wind to speak of: diablo jianghu express industry

today’s news focus, cut meat wind up to every guest. Wind up on June 30, announced to the heavens and the earth hoau group, will serve as the heavens and the earth hoau express brand of independent operation.

when the wind was that as an important strategic asset, but is doomed fate were sold, the root cause behind the mundane guest orders only account for the wind is up to 10%. Man cannot support, can only let go to others.

Courier blowout is associated with electricity industry development for the fastest growing industry, but is similar to a Courier express concern the most about a month or opening the goods of this information, so what other industry unknown underground river’s lake. Cloud network editor jun hunting and everybody simple talk express what are the rules.

a, bribe

express, is to earn money, be fighting hand-to-hand combat. From time to time to endure the threat of a bribe. Quoted Courier industry convective cloud network editor you speak, a bribe is not all the cooperation will be hit, but will often happen. In particular the large quantity of a single company, express company nature will be crowded broken head for. Party a has a strong voice to express company, natural “requirements”. Responsible and butt head will imply that express “to bid a lot of enterprise, your enterprise strength in general… Such a time. In it are to be highlighted, and not just small express company will encounter a bribe, express company will also be difficult sometimes.

2, unpaid

we see is beautiful electricity company earnings and sales, but electricity company default kui Courier fee but parasitic in malignant tumor of a big industry. Tend to agree on a month’s account period, unpaid into two months, three months, or longer. Express company can only constant reminders, constantly complaining. Encounter this kind of situation, Courier company in order to maintain cooperation, most chose to a peaceful solution in private. But always bad in arrears, so squeezing partners, in addition to causing the express company capital chain tension, also accumulated a lot of “class hatred.

the listed electricity company Courier fees in arrears.

3, was dead beat

electricity companies are likely to default because electricity company itself fund chain is not healthy, so as to transfer risk to the cause of the Courier company, but bill doesn’t give that is wrong. A large delivery company executives is hunting cloud network editor gentleman friend, he recently encountered pit dad, is the famous electric shang dynasty operating companies huge Courier fee in arrears, reason is that the other party think “bad service”. The amount into the millions. The executive the door for many times, always failed. The executive, writes in the circle of friends but it seems in vain after year, do not really want to go to the court? This is four word LaoLai company dealing with bad service delivery company “magic weapon”.