From the sudden death of huawei executives: do not neglect the enterprise system change

cloud network hunting on July 30,

on July 26, the phoenix news broke of science and technology, huawei, haisi wireless chip development department minister Wang Jin coma suddenly then in the morning, at the age of 42.

, according to the haisi notice Wang Jin joining huawei in 1996, is an early business backbone, wireless in wireless product line from ordinary engineers, PL, to BTS30 product manager, the deputy director of research, struggle for the wireless products for many years, he served as a research work, director of the host, and lead to create the European institute of huawei, led haisi Balong baseband processor (huawei) and Kirin (Kirin, huawei’s processor business) team from trough to success.

and then, people didn’t.

then vice President of huawei yu sent two weibo:

someone remarked:

then xiao yun suddenly remind of last September, bie BBS station letter Revelations of haisi new recruits karoshi, when huawei to this approach is: collective silence. Then people also learned incidentally haisi spelled in life in order to research and development of the chip is true!

“several of his old workmates old friend died?” This is the black? He has been dead for more than other colleague, old friend: why don’t you take the initiative to expose? People walk tea cool is?

the same exposure two employees of sudden death, “director is the director, small staff is small staff” air chilling. Want to know now is the 21st century, civilized society!

but that will probably also in the work of the sentient beings are really clear domestic companies. All sorts of brainwashing to work overtime, all sorts of militarization management, but slavery in other words, brainwashing or slavery, legal system is not yet mature couldn’t help it.

as the reform and opening up more than 40 years the essence of socialist commercial civilization and huawei are this kind of situation, and other companies.

not mature system of abnormal eggs, big companies should not indulge

at the end of the “recognized” the public sector of the economy, under the leadership of deng xiaoping “touch stone across the river”, the practice of experienced more than 40 years, finally have the domestic commercial civilization today. This is every Chinese should be proud of.

but we also see that system always lag behind the market, finally, in the form of policies to dozen circle field also has brought many immature.

the current domestic representative of large enterprises, the state capital, and entrepreneurs in the late 90 s, 80 s entrepreneurs of the three constitutes the essence of the current domestic commercial civilization.

Needless to say

the state-owned capital.

80 s entrepreneurs is caused by uneven political and economic development in the early years of reform and opening up, the stiffness of the system of state-owned enterprises, scientific research unit interior, so a large number of people in order to find out new hope entrepreneurship. In system and policy, under the double benefit of many entrepreneurs have achieved great success, but in the market of the 90 s war followed, gradual disintegration of local protection, a large number of entrepreneurs to grasp the problem, because the management and policy on regret.

this is the characteristics of a group of entrepreneurs: pay attention to the industrial policy, management and all kinds of rules, the greater than the seal of the domestic market and particularity, the medium of domestic environment, in the style of the senior industry leaders made a cult of personality.

faults, of course, is obvious: stumbles in accumulated advantage relationship for many years, don’t want to fundamentally change, development basic is to rely on our employees work harder! Our industrial chain is more cheap!

90 s entrepreneurs is caused by the reform of education, university graduates are no longer assigned work. So a large number of people out entrepreneurship. Benefit from the past dozen years the improvement of the domestic market economic system, the accumulation of commercial civilization, this batch of entrepreneurs to run a restaurant, development corridor or Internet companies, all extremely pay attention to business model, and a variety of domestic chain, value-added services. Also, due to various reasons such as economic bubble and personal ability, most entrepreneurs also regret.

this is the characteristics of a group of entrepreneurs: good at operation capital relations, focused on ecological service products. Defect is: is closed, the stronghold integrity (domestic market is not enough free), big company disease (all sorts of infighting).

of course at 08 years there have been a large number of startups, until today a new wave of entrepreneurship orgasm was blustery, but most also grow up in the layout, do not represent the current domestic market culture.

in the past forty years (especially) before joining the WTO, the domestic market is still in a relatively chaos, not enough fair environment, those who had beat big companies grow up, use a variety of market advantage to maximize their own interests, rather than to create advanced enterprise system mode to succeed. Then reuse the characteristics of the domestic information opaque to brainwash to build their own brand image.

but now we have joined the WTO, the market further opening, big entrepreneurs should bear the responsibility, keep up with the world market mainstream, creating a new system model, don’t rely on 1: “what we are doing is not good because we have no patent!” Began to give employees a variety of brainwashing, the whole to the dead.

but it is not the patent system to prosperity for us, just as we created a new patent system, mode, to ensure that our first sex, which is not defeated by the mighty fortress.

Japanese patent accumulation of needless to say, Taiwan has accumulated so strong quality of the supply chain, and finally the company an ecological pressed both not to be able to breathe heavily, why?

good management system is not brainwashed and unlimited press

what is civilization? Civilization is relying on the advanced system, the greatest degree, the most harmonious and relaxing way to release the wisdom of mankind, created by the culture.

what is a good management system? Can utmost respect and guarantee of consumers, the dignity of the employees, company and society, the interests of the selection and management system.

at present most domestic enterprises (regardless of size) are clearly still seeks sufficient strength to brainwash their employees with unlimited press, most of the employees have little choice, dignity and trampled by a variety of interests. Due to the system and the rule of law is not perfect, very few people to consider these problems, but it is not normal!

all companies must be aware of your current how many things, is used to brainwash staff and users! Which day otherwise once complete system, a staggering unpopularity credibility crisis, will make his reputation suddenly collapse.

, excessive brainwashed wrong convincing, objective values must be filled, narrow selfish patriotism brainwashed violation of morality.

as incompetent, dead tired armed forces. A screw was dead at the grassroots level leadership at a glance: success, is always to sacrifice! A competent died, send a leadership or good or bad epitaph: “commemorative XX, he is a man of noble pure and selfless dedication, we should learn from him”.

this is not to be patriotic, but an extremely selfish self-interest of organizations, because every member of the group all want to get a higher position, and then to treat other people as slaves! Patriotic=love their country’s civilization, not narrow chest heart “why people have, I have no”!

the accumulated wealth of short period of time, soon will be frittered away, only to establish a new business model system, can maximum limit for the interests of all, all the people and groups in this pattern, growth, consumption, hard to become an advanced benign, long-term stable operation of the ecological system.

this is the real wealth, this is what we created civilization! “Teach them to fish than teach them to fish”. The ancients is not deceives me.

a new generation of labor has strong personal demands, rebellion consciousness obviously

these groups after after about 60, 70, we have to admit that they have a lot of resilience, eat got bitter suppress bow, but it also contains many patriotic thief.

but arrived after 80, 90, 00, employers should also keep up with the pace of The Times! These growth group after the reform and opening to the outside, watching all kinds of wonderful work, perhaps eat got bitter, but is essentially for a ideal or desire of his heart, the old brainwashing education is not applicable.

suppress got a bow? You can officially finished early, you might be harsh after 80 points, after 90 maybe you also can wipe some oil, don’t let 00 after you give you get turned upside down, finally also don’t know what’s going on.

“you these teens! You are the future of the country, you only know that playing games is will cease! Come, let me give you a shock!”

“you these teens! You is the hope of his country ah, you do not learn all day rascally, make the society is full of’re incapable touch porcelain event, you are going to responsible!”

“you these teens ah… “

live for so many years, now just think that was any good! To national subjugation and evil social security again, really proud!

80 after see these some passive, see the heart began to get angry, after 90 00 after see these white eye. Ghost just believe.

a new generation of employees compared to the past is no longer difficult to control, they asked for a variety of right to know various rising interest mechanism, all kinds of work environment, various development speed… There is no new better system, if you are a small company also can take care of them. The big companies? Wait for all sorts of with all sorts of departure of jump off a building!

may be obvious enough over the past two years, maybe you think in such an era of entrepreneurship need know dad, have a father who is a variety of dad’s talents have this qualification. Joke you also seriously?

every life should be fully respected. Whether he is competent, or a newly hired employees at the local level. This is as a person, at the very least of human nature.

do not take new areas of innovation of enterprise system changes, will only talk about mouth have a serious personal bias patriotic brainwashed, this is the era of irresponsibility of nation and country.

about the beginning of the event and again a few picture:

this elder brothers are senior black?

system is in order to squeeze, the chosen the wrong direction from the start.