From the tzu chi road to the outbreak of the key of the hardware business

hunting cloud network on August 8,

shadow of f in the concept of Internet access, nearly two years of hardware business is hot, hordes of investment institutions and investors looking for projects with large sum of money to fly to shenzhen; Some worry foreign entrepreneurs to their own research and development team moved to shenzhen, in order to further the rhythm control hardware industry chain.

the hardware with software app clearly business has huge difference, recently it two or three years “hardware breakthrough” Zhou Hongyi, also speech bluntly says again: “hardware business is a hole!”

all volunteers, the industry for the IPO and the earnest attention again recently “pit inside the company”, the rapid rise of recent years, the topic of hardware circles relishes today xiao yun’s from all over the outbreak of the tzu chi road, to peek at a snapshot of the lifeline in the hardware business.


chi frolic in the waves of the road

to the tablet more attention of the reader should have heard of “volunteers” of the company. This for two or three line of the brand and the stronghold, white tablet manufacturers to provide solutions of AP (application processor) manufacturers, in the past two years the rapid rise of the road, make a lot of peer envy more than, is a legend in the industry.

this established in 07 years, doing business is still in the boarding with brothers, “stand hardship” mode, did not find what is the background of the zhuhai power company, in the latest time of the IPO prospectus shows that in 2011 the company achieve revenue of 260 million yuan, in 2012 increased to 1.339 billion yuan, a 413.20% increase. 2011 net income of 58.91 million yuan in 2012 to 571 million yuan, increased by 867.80% compared with last year. 2013 revenue was $2013, compared with last year fell 23.22%, the net income of 419 million yuan, down 26.65% year-on-year.

from 260 million yuan in 2011 to 2011 increased to 1.339 billion yuan, up more than five times, while in the market competition, reveal weaknesses, but also the identity of the successful cases can’t killed his hardware industry, whole rule how to success? Worth thinking about.

all volunteers or background, although not a powerful background. most of all he founding team are run away from zhuhai actions of r&d team, with excellent MP3 solution was and red through torch up half the sky, finally because public equity allocation problem, cause dissatisfaction with the development team, then determined departure set up the whole.

so all volunteers start with upstream and downstream industry chain network resources, rich and mature operation technical team, which laid the foundation for the rapid development of all volunteers. People have a plenty of industry technical background!

of course, there is no hardware industry resources entrepreneurs and other business model, formed a technical ability of the team, to seek the support of government policy, industry resources. The development of the good or bad you finally depends on your choice of the market, you technology is good or bad.

technological change period, long period let QuanZhiYou hardware development opportunities. all volunteers set up the business focused on digital MP4 player application processor development, regard to the development of power management chip, then the smartphone, open-source android for tablet on the software and hardware technology, ecological barriers.

because MP4 hardware and tablet hardware, only the tablet need for higher capacity memory, memory, the need to redesign from chips and peripheral circuit. It takes a year or longer r&d and extension of the period. All volunteers first reaction to come over, head start.

and the advantage of the early movers is: because it is exclusive, does not need to be demanding high performance, this greatly reduces the difficulty of r&d, and other home to react after when they need to take care of product competitiveness and had to pull up the product performance, increase the difficulty that its own research and development, and to make a lot of time ahead.

all volunteers thus obtained the gold development time to two years.

“stability” determines its own survival. you must first understand the unstable products can’t be on the market, even unscrupulous merchants will not find their trouble to peddle the stuff. Maybe you usually use mobile phones and other electronic products are very stable! Even if a bit unstable as millet everyone think can accept, so don’t think how important it is to “stability” of electronic hardware.

but we looks and sounds to the existing technical level of the industrial chain can easily do that products, because “stability” three words will delay you for three months, half a year or even one year the good times, leng drags you lose everything! This involved in product life cycle, production cycle, the market timing.

“stability” is really bad. The outbreak of all volunteers work with A10 – “stability” three word hooligan of glowing in the market for more than a year, at the beginning of 13 there is a big market space. In the digital hardware upgrade so fast today, it’s a miracle! Although he is one of the most low architecture A8 single-core structure, installation of a few applications.

now TianQuan volunteers show weakness, all because of “stability” three words, after the A10, A13, then the new although seemingly obvious advantages, but due to delays in standard stability and delayed aircraft. As the red core micro, actions across generations chase, the strength of the MTK intrusion, tzu chi began to return to normal.

the tablet has just appeared, another turn white circles the card case also shows us the importance of “stability”. When the company choose the south Korean Telechips company chip developed a tablet, because good stability quickly established a huge channel relationship and the industry reputation, from now on in the white brand market position has been ensured.

hardware is not want to do can do you want to do

in the hardware industry to survive, every small role is worthy of full respect, their grasp of resources more qualified than you talk.

this is an extremely rigorous, technology for large areas, not one or two ideas can be defiant, loudly Shouting subversion. Here there is no magic, you don’t understand the product, you can’t make out products, let alone a subversive creation? Any details on the hardware elements are lethal.


innovation hardware design development cycle is long, a direction error backward is more than a few months but two or three years.

product stability is the key, high-performance unstable products are promising as low stable performance.

products, concepts, it doesn’t matter, it is important To entrepreneurs must have a core technical ability, had better have ability To do B solutions, so as To have more room for development, trial and error.

this has to do with the Internet industry has a fundamental difference, entrepreneurs need to be careful.

in the hardware industry, the technology is greater than all, without technology, there is no ability to innovate. Want to succeed in the hardware industry, need you to use various methods to real technical ability in their own hands.