From today’s headline event to see the end of the “light” business

in many cases, we all want to on a original products provide users with some auxiliary function, in order to bring users more perfect experience processes at the same time to do their own business. Because of this business model is often just in other people’s product system using a certain technology or the optimization, its itself does not pay too much, so we call it “light business”.

this business both in traditionally business model, with the advent of the Internet, because of the Internet itself by advocating the spirit of “open” is the infinite zoom light business. As we can see the navigation, environment, information retrieval and even business such as online shopping belongs to this kind of business derived by the most wonderful drama.

but with the continuous development of this model, the original business form began to be changed, even affected the interests of the commercial products, at this time of the light based business company business began to suffer from back and kill. Recent raise $100 million in today’s headlines that suffered a lot of media resistance.

a long time, today’s headline plays like its propaganda “news porter”, according to the user’s reading habits to recommend the corresponding news content. But just as a news recommendation, believe that the media are also won’t have so much of the action. Have been entangled with the media is that today’s headlines and didn’t get the authorization of all media, and when fetching, in many cases because of the content of secondary processing, enables the user is not directly into the media site, and damage to the media could get some of the business interests.

understandably, always are the media of content is king, if cannot defend its content copyright, that means it will be difficult to pass the advertisement and so on some model’s ability to maintain normal operation. Actually before today’s headlines, at the time of the first portal, and traditional media is between content reproduced things after a long battle, ultimately to pay for traditional media copyright portal website reprint rights.

today’s headlines that coping with a media will present in what result, we don’t know. But through this matter, we can realize that perhaps the Internet gradually after brutal era, including sharing principle to get everyone’s attention, and it followed the original Internet system in the light of contradiction was quickly out of business, and started growing.

the network shopping, has long been regarded as subversion in the field of traditional model, but the size of today, before also experienced from a basic business companies actually resistance, even in many areas, the resistance continues to play. In the past, the traditional brands are selling through offline channels, but due to the emergence of Internet shopping, because save intermediate link to form a price advantage, the original channel system has brought intense impact. Brand dealers, once through the network shopping is not warranty, don’t do monitoring to resist network channels, dangdang is perhaps the most classic and cases of the tissot watch against each other. Finally with the expanding of network purchase channels, electricity company by obtaining brand authorization with smooth transition of this contradiction. We can see, jingdong, gathered the best and many companies are trying to strive for brand authorization.

guide sites, once sojourned in taobao, jingdong, such as web sites, through to the depth of the vertical division to attract users to browse, and then by giving e-commerce sites drainage for rebates. This seemingly doesn’t seem contradictory business story behind, in fact, taobao, jingdong mall are a bad company. Guide in their view, sites for the user already belong to me, why do I have to pay advertising, they will do is I the original users of the shunt. Therefore, taobao has several times by adjusting the guide rules to restrict the development of the websites, let these websites everyday living willies. In the end, the end of the story to guide sites have become a proprietary platform, through the way of guide yourself to get the power of the survival. Is only, the company can no longer continue to light, begin to do.

information retrieval class web site, the most obvious is the video industry. Once to youku potato, sohu and other domestic almost all of the video web site to baidu video attack, to defend their expensive to buy the copyright. If baidu still do business similar to the search class, believe each video website also would not be so of temper, but because of the search industry, including Google, are from the previous “allows users to quickly search after the walk” to add a page allows users to stay among state, the look in the video website, really hit the bottom line. The end result is that baidu video back to the video retrieval, continue to play the role of bring traffic for the video web site.

is similar to the above mentioned industry, and constantly hit case there are also a lot of business. Do light business business owners want to because I can create value to the user, so has my existence is necessary. But doing business owners based business point of view, if leave me, you are nothing. The mentality of different causes can have a game state between each other, but fortunately, all the contradictions seems to finally found a way to a good resolve.

this light business, from another perspective, it can be understood as the progress of the entire Internet formats, that is, from the original wild into civilization. In the past, the spirit of the Internet is often interpreted as “open, free, collaborative and sharing”, under the concept of infusion, everyone enjoyed the time and time again the spirit of dividends. Such as Linux the completeness of open, eventually spawned the Android that can rule the world, such as system, such as a search engine to crawl the web, through the search algorithm to show users the best results also gave birth to a number of great companies such as Google and baidu…

but this completely open spirit of the Internet in the collapse of the gradually, the most obvious example is that at the beginning of the group in taobao, decisive blocked baidu crawl, it is difficult for us to search in baidu taobao goods; Facebook also blocked Google crawl, personal information won’t appear in Google search results page. Everybody seems to be more inclined to in a relatively closed system to do his own business, surprised everyone, this violate the spirit of open Internet logic in many cases achieved the success of the business, closed apple system, closed Facebook, closed taobao, etc., all this seems to be changed to the understanding of the Internet.

in fact, with the development of the Internet into a mature stage, and all forms eventually back to the business, and in the business system, some principles of open spirit gradually, and the principles in the most concise words, is the so-called core business interests, namely on the premise of not damage the interests of the core, between each other will only perform the so-called spirit of sharing. But this kind of commercial interests, game, often accompanied by the friction between each other and need each other after the compromise reached a balance to achieve coexistence and development.

return to mentioned above a few industries, this kind of compromise after the balance is reflected in: in the online shopping industry, through the brand licensing, electricity got such as brands for after-sales service, product first, and brand dealers, which can get more sales; Guide guide in the industry, a site for transformation into a proprietary, have more initiative in the operation, and electrical business giants such as taobao, also don’t have to pay for advertising; In video retrieval, search platform because can provide users with more content retrieval and cultivate the user use habit, increase the access of the page, and video website is under the condition of the interests are not damaged, have more traffic sources…

in any industry, in fact, there are many places can be optimized, had a chance to do light business, but in many cases, we found, but not as the start of our business, unless we can find the point of the original business model to produce enough, as the main competition beat the original business model. Otherwise only blindly on the basis of the original business share of the spirit of using the Internet to do optimization, and there is no basis with the original business balance, this business will eventually won’t last very long.

the cool with his back leaning against a big tree, but should not is the lifeline of her business completely in uncle’s body, especially in without the consent of the the owner of this tree. An eternal truth, doing basic business system of the company is very difficult to let light company to use its own to do big and didn’t get any commercial interests. The headline of the incident today, may be in the light business for those who want to do or the company of a wake, actually don’t have much light business in the world, even if finally still follow some inherent commercial principles.