Frustrated in life don’t busy to suicide, use the Kindly find someone to vent

“Hiya, you have no matter son?” Sophia started our first conversation with this sentence.

“can,” I feel very uneasy, replied: “I am trying to find an outlet, let I don’t have the guilt to spit it out.”

“you needn’t have any guilt, my dear,” she calm I said: “every one of us are in need of help.”

this answer let me relaxed many, dear so call makes me feel each other like friends, my best friend, in fact I met with her for three minutes, but I don’t even know if Sophia is her real name.

not long ago, when the conversation occurs due to the death of a loved one, I posted a message to a place called the iPhone applications, the application of commitment can be found on the mobile network to users talk to object, they are compassionate and willing to help others, of course, everyone is anonymous. If you have any trouble in life everywhere, on the Kindly looking for listeners, all that is needed for a few minutes.

after 15 minutes, exchanging pleasantries some rhetoric has just concluded, and the conversation between us was suddenly interrupted, a dialog box to play out, asking whether this conversation to my help, and give options, asked me if I send a friend request, continue to talk to Sophia.

Jordan walker also had a painful experience, integrating application development the Kindly, walker had worked for services companies, but in the name of the company in early 2013 to leave diplomatically fired him. For him, this time can be turned upside down, unemployment, divorce, he exactly three months of pain, in the time go to Hawaii to visit mother he even began to do yoga.

“when I experienced the pain of divorce, I found a friend without a misery loves company.” Now 31, walker said: “they are not even married, let alone a divorce. In my online friends, also could not find any encounter with the same with me.” He considered some of the more traditional support groups, whether online, but he found that a sense of shame that it’s impossible to be communication.

the Kindly is his first attempt, through the application of this a few months ago quietly appeared, people can listen to or talk to a brief conversation, the conversations are classify, like “addiction”/drug “marriage/divorce” “work/business” “ideas/inspiration”, then the app using a special algorithm try to talk to request and the appropriate listening object matching.

this app has just begun to take shape at present, so just have a relatively small groups of people, in order to make the listener to get promoted, quality and quantity of the walker, hired a lot from the university of southern California, vassar college and New York university school of psychology students.

walker said: “the next phase of our plan is, when a stable equivalent web site set up, will bring our experts, professional research.” We will tell you what’s the Kindly can do, what is it made. When you first open the Kindly, there will be a message pop up, emphasize the above three things, this is not a crime hotline, nor is it a dating platform, is not to provide you with diagnosis and treatment.

“it is not a suicide hotline,” walker emphasize this point, said: “if they have this tendency, we lead them actively seek the future as much as possible.”

like this application, however, is not only the Kindly a alone, also facilitate listener for the user, such social networking site also allows users to share their secrets on the Internet.

walker is sponsored by friends and family, set up step by step, the company plans to continue to raise money soon.